All I Want For Christmas is $600 Million…

Mariah Carey “Merry Christmas” Album Cover

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Mariah Carey “Merry Christmas” Album Cover

George Murnock

     All I want for Christmas is Mariah Carey’s bank account. Mariah Carey was born on March 27, 1970, and she has become one of the most well known pop singers of the 1990’s and 2000’s. Mariah first started her career when she was 20 in the year 1990. She quickly gained fame for her hit songs, “Fantasy”, “Always Be My Baby”, “We Belong Together,” etc. However no song compares to her Christmas hit, “All I Want For Christmas Is you.”

     Regardless of how you feel about Christmas, you have definitely heard this song at some point during your life. This holiday tune came out in 1994 and was instantly a hit. Ever since that Christmas season, the song has become iconic ever since. She is still making big bucks off this song in 2020. In 2019 the song hit No. 1 on the billboard top 100 during the holiday season. Spotify statistics show that “All I Want For Christmas Is You” has over 600 million streams, and she has ranked in a total of over $60 million dollars off of royalties. From the time period late November to late December the song ranks in about $600,000 just in one month!

     This hit song has clearly broken records for being the most well known Christmas song, although hits like “Last Christmas” By Wham! “Mistletoe” by Justin Bieber and “Santa Tell Me” by Ariana Grande are close contenders. As a current pop star, Mariah isn’t nearly as famous as she was in the late 90’s, but she doesn’t have to be anymore, she is making so much money off of one song that she could retire anytime she wanted. The fact that we still listen to songs like, “Jingle Bell Rock” and “Holly Jolly Christmas.” I believe that this song will go down in history, as well as Mariah Carey’s net worth.