End of the road for the Winchester brothers


Source: CW Network

After fifteen seasons, it was finally time for the Winchester brothers to say goodbye. While there may be no new episodes, that doesn’t mean you cannot become a fan still.

Melayna Elkins, Staff Writer

Disclaimer: This is a review of the final season of Supernatural. There are spoilers ahead.

There are few shows that can last for 15 seasons.  The Simpsons has been going on for 32 years, but it is a cartoon and the characters don’t age.  So, 15 seasons is an incredible achievement for any series.  Sadly, 15 was the final number for Supernatural.  It’s time for Sam and Dean Winchester to say goodbye.  The series finale was put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it finally aired on November 19, 2020 (episode S15 E20).  However, some loyal fans, think that the series finale should have been the show that aired on November 12, 2020 (episode S15 E19).

Supernatural is considered as Horror. It is definitely not for everyone – the series has the Winchester brothers hunting zombies, vampires, demons, witches, angels and even God.  There are a lot of occult references and this could turn off some audiences.  However, the show does have a strong fan base and will follow the Winchesters to ends of the earth.  The combination of classic cars and classic rock – you can’t help becoming a fan.

The series started with Dean Winchester, he came from a family of hunters of demons, witches, and other supernatural beings. However, his brother Sam Winchester wanted a normal life – going to college, becoming a lawyer and having a family – he did not want to have a life of a hunter.  Due to a tragic death in his life, Sam was lead back into the hunting world to find the demon that has haunted his family for decades.

Season 15 was last the season of this thrilling tale. During the other 14 seasons, the show was able to make fun of themselves in a way.  A prophet wrote books about the Winchesters fighting demons and even Lucifer himself.  Fans of the books held a convention and one all girl school wrote a musical adaptation of the books.  There was another episode that they were put into different shows by a trickster – so they were in NCIS-Miami, a sitcom that had a laugh track, and even a game show. One show was from the perspective of Dean’s beloved car, Baby.  It was funny because you see Dean getting beat up outside of the car.  This is where you fall in love with the characters and when fans get into which episode should have been the series finale.

If you are fan of the show and have not seen the last two episodes, warning spoiler alerts are coming.  In the episode,  Inherit the Earth (S15 E19), the Winchesters make the person that is God, human (he wanted to destroy mankind) and the character, Jack,  they have been fatherly figures to and Jack (who is half human and Lucifer is his Father) inherits the God powers and now is able to make the earth a peaceful place again and restores heaven to what it needs to be.  Then the show goes into a montage from the beginning to all the other characters that were in the show that either died as hunters or come to another demise.  Then you see the brothers drive off into the distance all to the song, Running On Empty by Jackson Browne.  Such a nice ending – tears filled the eyes.

Then, there is Carry On (S15 E20).  While fighting a regular vampire nest, Dean is murdered by an unnamed vampire.  Dean has fought demons, archangels, some big wigs in the supernatural world and this is how he goes out?  There then came a flood of tears. Sam goes on, he gets married, has a kid and dies of old age. I get it, Dean was always destined to die as a hunter and Sam always wanted a normal life, but come on – Dean deserved a better ending. 

So, I guess you can tell which episode I believe should be the last.  In my mind, the Winchester boys ride off into the sunset and they both get their happy endings.  Carry On, Winchester brothers.