The Final Push to Pass

Grades not where you want them to be? Here’s how to use the next three weeks to get that grade up.


Riley McGroarty, staff writer

Online schooling has shown to be a challenge for many people for the first semester. There are probably more people failing due to the new schedule, than there have ever been, and it certainly has been tough. If you need to get your grades up, here are some tips to get you caught up.

First off, talk to your teachers. Most likely all of your teachers will understand what you are feeling, because they are feeling the effects of it too. If you talk to your teachers about late assignments, or extra help, that alone can help improve your grade.

Next, do your new assignments as soon as they come up. Do not procrastinate on anything. If you just do all of your assignments, it will make your life so much easier. A recommendation would be to turn off any other distractions if possible, such as your phone, or tv. This will help you focus on the task at hand and get it done much quicker.
Another good piece of advice is to reward yourself. After you are finished with your work, then you can turn on the tv and use that as a reward for getting your work done. It will feel so much better and ease your mind without having to worry about the assignment you just completed.

If you are feeling stressed take a mental health break. Mental health breaks are very important for being relaxed and not worrying about anything around you at a time. A great one is to focus on your breathing, which will relieve a lot of stress. A good time to do this is in between classes to clear your mind for the next one.

This next one has to do with the previous one. Don’t burn yourself out. If you are constantly doing school work, you will get burnt out and become tired, which leads to getting nothing done. You can prevent this by balancing time between school, family, friends, and other sources of entertainment.

Finally, turn in anything you have. Any grade being put into the gradebook will be better than a 0, even if it is only 50%. This is especially true for any late assignments that are still being accepted by your teachers. Also, focus on assessments because they make up 70% of your grade, so definitely get those in before the practice assignments.

Hopefully these quick tips will be a nice formula for preventing any F’s for this semester. Along with these are also many other things that you can personally do like hobbies that will take your mind off things. The main takeaways here are to talk to your teachers and submit anything that you can. Lastly, try your best, because all we can do is try.