Two Warriors Commit to College Teams

Payton Gale and Chase Prestwich have already committed to their colleges and are looking to have great futures ahead of them


Payton Gales at the collage committed signing.

Kaya Paluda, Staff Writer

Signing to college is something big. But signing to a college sport can be a bigger achievement for some. For a student-athlete, you need to have a lot of aspects, knowledge, and good routines to keep you in a good state and a path to success. To some student-athletes, this comes naturally or with a lot of hard work and effort. On Tuesday, November 17th Payton Gale and Chase Prestwich had their college committed signing at Frederick High School and both are incredibly excited about it. 

Payton Gale is certainly fit for a student athlete’s life.  Signing to The University of Northern Colorado. She plans on continuing to play softball for their women’s team. Payton is a four-time letter honor roll student, she was in NJHS (National Junior Honor Society) and the biomedical program. 

“When I was getting recruited the coaches made me feel wanted. Then when I went to go visit the school with the coaches I felt at home.” Payton said when asked what her deciding factor for college was. 

That feeling must be amazing because it’s like putting the last piece of the puzzle in place.  

“It was nice knowing that I knew where I was going to go for college and not stress about a bunch of college applications.” Payton continued. 

While talking to Payton we also learned that she plans on continuing to study pre-dental at UNC as well which is very exciting as she is already in the Biomed program offered at FHS. As of right now, it’s looking like Payton is very prepared to take the next step in her softball career and college career. We’re all supporting you and are beyond excited for you.  

 Chase Prestwich is another amazing student-athlete who committed to play college baseball at Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, Lousiana. This is a good distance away but Chase says he’s willing to take the distance to play the sport he loves with the best possible. 

“The biggest deciding factors for me were where the school was located and my relationship with the coaches,” Chase said and he’s right. When it comes to playing a college sport you want to have a good relationship with your team and coaches.  

“It feels good being committed because all the stress of picking a school and making the best decision on where to go is over with.” Chase continued. 

Commuting and signing to a college surely should take some weight off any senior student athlete’s shoulders. One thing that Chase also told us was that while studying at Northwestern State University he plans to study sports nutrition which is also really interesting.  

 One thing is for sure. Payton and Chase signing to their committed colleges is an amazing thing and was a giant accomplishment for themselves and their families. Commitment to colleges is hard for a lot of students and seniors in itself. Senior year is a challenge but Chase and Payton were able to get themselves set up for success and lower their stress by committing to both of these amazing colleges. I was really happy to be able to hear and watch as Payton and Chase signed to both UNC and Northwestern State University. They both will have a very successful and eventful career in the future. Congratulations to both of you we can’t wait to see what you guys do in the future!