It’s All “Good Times and Tanlines” with Kinley Lindhardt

Kinley is a Junior at Frederick High School and is in Volleyball.


Elena Eddy

Kinsley Lindhardt is a Junior at Frederick High School

Sarah Hayes, Staff Writer

Kinley Lindhart may seem like just another name you hear in the hall, but this name has more to it. Kinley is a Junior at Frederick High School, and she’s made big plans for her future.

Her life revolves around volleyball. ”I just love -at least at the high school level- all the girls, and the energy, and how much fun we have, and outside of school it’s just given me something to fill my time and put my energy towards.” She’s part of the Frederick volleyball team, she teaches people how to play volleyball at her job, and is even planning on joining a college-level volleyball team at Cal-State in Northridge.

Although she hasn’t applied to and been accepted to Cal-State, Kinley is ”verbally committed” to this college. Which works out for her, since she’s already on the beach volleyball team.

She says that Beach Volleyball is a different sport than regular Volleyball, which makes sense. Beach Volleyball is outdoors, with a lighter ball (duh) and only 2 people per team. It’s more casual than regular indoor volleyball as well. Indoor (regular) volleyball has 6 people per team and is more competitive with a denser, heavier ball. Which, when you play volleyball every day for a living you can tell the difference.

Kinley has a bright future ahead of her as a volleyball player, and who knows? Maybe she’ll become a star one day.