Is this Materialistic Book Boyfriend Material?

Alexis Hall’s latest book Boyfriend Material is a for a unique and interesting read.

Book Cover for “Boyfriend Material” by author, Alexis Hall.

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Book Cover for “Boyfriend Material” by author, Alexis Hall.

George Murnock, Staff Writer

Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall was published on July 7th, 2020 and is already gaining a considerable amount of traction for being an amazing romance novel. The book is about a homosexual man who is relatively known because his father is a famous rockstar. He wants to be known for having an amazing public image and because of this, he goes on the hunt for a fake boyfriend, which will help give the media the gossip that they so desperately crave. However with the relations that come with having a fake boyfriend can turn into real feelings incredibly fast. 

I myself would consider this novel to be revolutionary because of its outspoken homosexual main characters. In my years of reading many books, you don’t see a lot of stories where the main character(s) are gay. Because of this, I believe that it will attract many more readers and finally make a connection for the LGBTQ community. However with this brave concept, the author will also more likely than not, experience some backlash as well. As far as the book itself goes, the storyline was very direct and simple to grasp, there was also a lot of humor that was scattered throughout each page which I found unusual but refreshing. Typically you don’t notice a lot of humor in romance novels but in my opinion I thought it was a nice change of pace.

The book is entirely from the point of view of the main character Luca. I personally also enjoyed this decision by the author because it allows the reader to make a better connection to the characters, compared to if it was from the authors point of view. Don’t be fooled however because this book still has that sweet romance feeling that we have become so used to. An example of this is a line by Luca describing his fake boyfriend. “Ah. Lucien, then.” He said it perfectly, too, with the half-swallowed softness of the final syllable, smiling at me—the first full smile I’d seen from him, and shocking in its sweetness. “Vraiment? Tu parles Français?” He continued. 

Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall is without a doubt worth a read, it’s full of that classic romance feeling with a revolutionary feel due to the homosexual characters, along with constant humor spread throughout the book. If you only read one book this year, If you are a person who loves a good romance novel or overall just a good read in general than I urge you to read Boyfriend Material.