How To Go Trick Or Treating During A Pandemic


DavidCarpio (Shutterstock)

Make sure you stay safe, wash your hands, and check your candy on Halloween night. Together, can make Halloween both safe and fun during these times.

George Murnock, Staff Writer

Is it safe to be trick or treating this year with a global pandemic? In all honesty, probably not, but there are a few safety precautions that we can take in order to ensure that everybody is safe this Halloween season. 

Wear a Cloth Mask

It is highly recommended to incorporate a cloth mask into your costume this Halloween. Wearing just a plastic Darth Vader or ninja mask isn’t going to cut it. An easy fix is to just add a cloth mask under the mask that way you are wearing. That way you are protecting everybody around you while also looking awesome!

Give Candy Out Outdoors

Obviously it is not advised that anyone be inside another house or structure with another person because it easily spreads COVID-19 at a higher rate. It is advised that people who are giving out candy, give it outside while wearing a mask. That way there is less chance of coronavirus spreading among trick or treaters.

Keep 6 Feet Apart

The CDC has determined that six feet distance from another person is the safest distance for people who want to be close but also don’t want to spread the disease. Six feet apart is highly recommended for trick or treating, try to limit the amount of people going to each house by 1 or 2 kids. While also going from house to house try and keep six feet apart from anybody who you haven’t been quarantining with.

Individual Candy Bags

A great safety option for people who are giving out candy on halloween is to individually package the candy in its own bags for each kid. That way there is no distribution of candy between skin to skin. It highly prevents the possibility of COVID-19 spreading and having a spike in cases.

   In conclusion, it is not 100% safe to be trick or treating this year, but there are multiple precautions that we can take in order to ensure that there is no spread in COVID-19. We hope that you all have fun and be as safe was possible.