Free Application Day Is Today!

It’s that time of year to take advantage of applying for colleges free of charge.


Darlene Strange, Editor

Free application day is here and this is what you need to know to take advantage of this day. Most importantly It’s today October 13, 2020 and in order to get the free application you will need to submit it today.


What Is Free Application Day

Free application day is the one day in the year that seniors get to take advantage of submitting their college application totally for free. It is a great opportunity for seniors to wave the $50 application fee to any college or university. You can apply to as many colleges that you can within the day. 


How To Apply

In order to do that you should go into a common app and pick the colleges you would like to apply to. After you pick them you can then fill out the requirements for that college which includes answering questions, writing and essay, and filling out family information. You will need your social security number and any information on your family members that it needs. 


Which Colleges Can I Apply For?

You can apply for any college in Colorado that you want to atteWhich thankfully we have a lot so you could find the perfect college for you and apply for free! Some colleges do require more things than others like recommendations, grades, GPA, and any extracurricular activities that you have participated in. 


Free application day is a great opportunity for students and it’s extremely easy using the common app where you just put in your information once and can apply to however many colleges that you want. They recommend that you write a personal essay to help you’re advantage of getting accepted into the college. So seniors make sure you take advantage of this day.