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The Student News Site of Frederick High School

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The Student News Site of Frederick High School

Frederick Lantern

After the very well known artist Toby Keith passed away it was very emotional and devastating for both family and longtime friends.

Toby Keith Passes Away at 62

Emma Phillips, Sports Editor February 21, 2024

Toby Keith Covel, known professionally as Toby Keith, is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer. Toby Keith's music often reflects his love for America and his support for the military. Popular...

Social media has an effect on anybody anywhere in the world. Colorado has decided to really show how big this problem truly is.

Colorado Strikes Back Against Social Media

Spencer Edwards, Staff Writer February 16, 2024

Coloradans are all seeing a poor future for their kids and teenagers mental health because of social media use. Because people have been bringing so much attention to this issue, lawmakers want to do something...

Sodium Nitrate subsides aren’t talked enough about. The influence through social media apps is harmful and there isn’t enough to stop the subsides.

Colorado Says No to NaNO3

Carson Birdsall, Staff Writer February 14, 2024

In recent years, social media has taken over the minds of youth and influenced them to do many things. In most cases, social media is positive and safe, but like most things, it has a darker side to it....

Plane doors coming off is causing a very big problem that airlines might start having scaring many people who are thinking about flying on their next time traveling.

Plane Doors Popping off Across the Country

Emma Phillips, Sports Editor February 10, 2024

On Friday, January 5th, 2024, at 5:07 pm, one of Alaska Airlines planes, flying from Portland Oregon, to Ontario California, had a mid-air emergency.  ABCNews explains that on the day before the blowout...

Trump, Colorado, and the Fourteenth Amendment

Brandon Coon, Staff Adviser January 1, 2024

On January 5, 2024, the ballots for the 2024 Colorado primary elections will be sent to the printers before being mailed out to every eligible voter in the state before the March 5 primary election. Colorado...

Taylor Swift adds person of the year to her accomplishments of 2023 along with a stunning new photoshoot. (Time Magazine)

Taylor Swift Claims Person of The Year

Kaylee Ledgerwood, Staff Writer December 28, 2023

As of December 6th, Taylor Swift was named person of the year by Time Magazine. This is very controversial because some people think she deserves this prestigious award, and some believe she should not...

Actors going on strike for pay increase and protection against AI. This strike caused more films to be delayed and paused, but now films should resume with their productions.

Actors Strike Finally Ends

Kaylee Ledgerwood, Staff Writer November 10, 2023

Since June, American actors belonging to the Screen Actors Guild have been on strike, asking for an increase in wages, improved payments from streaming services, and protections against the use of their...

The United States is on the verge of a government shutdown, even if it was narrowly avoided in September. If it happens, countless services will be affected, harming Coloradans all across the state.

The Looming Threat of a Government Shutdown

Julian Finch, Staff Writer November 10, 2023

In one week, the US government may shut down. After passing a last-minute continuing resolution to keep the government funded on September 30, Congress must now pass new spending bills or another continuing...

Matthew Perry was found deceased in his jacuzzi on October 28th, by the time he was brought out of the water it was too late to save him.

Friends Star Found Dead at 54

Kaylee Ledgerwood, Staff Writer November 4, 2023

Friends star Matthew Perry was found deceased in his jacuzzi on October 28th. He was only 54. Officials think he drowned while in his jacuzzi. Others thought he might have overdosed since he struggled...

Propositions HH and II, Explained

Propositions HH and II, Explained

Julian Finch, Staff Writer October 28, 2023

Ballots are out and Election Day (which is Tuesday, November 7) is right around the corner. For those living in the Tritown area, the 2023 ballot may hold a couple of Aims Trustee and City Council elections,...

War Breaks Out In Israel

Griffin Baldwin, Staff Writer October 25, 2023

On October 7, 2023, Hamas terrorists launched attacks into Israel. It’s only escalated from there, though. Here is everything that you need to know about the conflict and what to expect in the future....

With spooky season approaching, fun fall festivities are on every corner. Colorado is a great place to get into the holiday spirit and Frederick is surrounded with a bunch of fun activities to enjoy the spirit of Halloween.

Fright and Fun Around the Town

Iyonna Moore, Social Media Manager October 23, 2023

As the leaves change from green to a dazzling display of reds, oranges, and yellows, fall is here in full swing. It's the perfect time to dive into the season, swapping out beach trips for pumpkin picking,...

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