Stressed About Finals: No problem

How to prepare yourself for finals week and reduce stress


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These tips and tricks will remove your stress about finals and result in success for the grades you want.

Marissa Parker, Staff Writer

The end of the first semester is coming to an end, which means finals are coming up. Students are getting ready for the holiday break, but before the students get to break, they will need to get prepared and ready for the big impact of finals coming at them. Be warned, many teachers push many large projects and tests, so stay on task.

To be able to prepare and get ready for finals, everyone must get as much sleep as possible. These big assessments will drain energy from hard-working students. It’s recommended they should study as much as they can so they can ace their tests. Also, students, a recommendation is to not slack off and wait for the last day because then you will be highly stressed to get all of your projects and studying done on time.

Also, everyone should still take care of your mental health state. According to, “As of 2015, almost 58 percent of college students reported that they had experienced “overwhelming anxiety” within the past 12 months. These debilitating struggles can have a serious impact on students’ lives, with many dropping out of school.” It is important to take care of yourself. If you start feeling stressed out about finals just take a few deep breaths and do what you love for a little bit to calm down your nerves such as the following: drawing, listening to music, or yoga for example.

For your health state, you should be eating healthy food. Healthy food will make you feel refreshed where (as) junk food just makes you feel nasty and tired. Washington Post says “the quick spike in your blood sugar from eating junk foods high in refined carbohydrates and added sugars can cause a surge in insulin, leading to a quick drop in blood sugar. That leaves you feeling tired, cranky and hungry for more.” So, it is so important to eat healthy so you are not feeling tired throughout your finals week. I suggest eating your fruits and vegetables more than ever these last two weeks of your first semester.

These tips will prepare you to be physically and mentally healthy for your finals. You will be feeling refreshed and ready to go for your projects and/or tests. Remember if you feel stressed out, take deep breaths.