Last Christmas or Last Surprise?

Nothing seems to go right, but soon comes a new look on life in the IMDb production, Last Christmas


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Taylor Roberson, Staff Writer

In the opening minutes of IMDb production, Last Christmas, it’s clear that character Kate or former Katarina is a mess, a hot mess. It’s safe to say that that theme is ‘Healing the Pain’, paralleling the George Michael song Kate has pursued since she was a child. It becomes the recognition point in the film of just why Katarina is such a wreck.

Overall the setup of this film was wonderful. Beautiful graphics, lighting and several other elements were on point. It came to my attention that the producer did a beautiful job displaying sadness and pain the way most people would handle it. Drinking, sex, and denial are all ways everyday people hide emotional pain; so it was a very real and raw part of the movie.

As Kate was walking through life, ignorant as ever, she had started to recognize this pain and switch her life around because of a man she’d been imagining named Tom. Reasonings for imagination could derive from pain as well. In her case, Kate was feeling the pain of not being herself- considering a heart transplant that occurred as a child. She claims “They took the most important organ, the one that I thought nobody else could have.” She had carried this burden of sadness until she had realized that she had the ability to turn her life around.

The man Katarina had continually been imagining as her loved one, Tom, had been the man that gave Kate a new heart as a child. As I watched this brilliant switch, I’ve come to notice that the plot had twisted right before my eyes. Originally thinking Tom was the love of her life, my mind quickly switched gears to a whole new process that Tom was a wake-up call for Kate, that she still has her heart and better yet, his as well.

Overall this film had brought many emotions considering the failures and soon after successions Kate had gone through, all resulting in The Last Christmas Kate would feel deep pain. I want to say a special thanks to the producers and director for producing such an eye-opener of a film.