“Everything” is Everything for a Movie Lover

Everything Everywhere All At Once won several Oscars and deserved each one

Joselyn Carrillo, Staff Writer

Does traveling through different dimensions seem impossible? Well in the film Everything Everywhere All at Once traveling through dimensions is not impossible, this film is based on dimension traveling. This Oscar award-winning movie has caught the attention of millions of viewers across the globe. Everything Everywhere All at Once has made commercial success and grossed over $108 million worldwide, becoming A24’s first film to cross the $100 million mark and surpassing Hereditary. Everything Everywhere All at Once may be many people’s favorites for its incredible plot twists and action.

This film starts by introducing the main character, Evelyn Quan Wang. She is a middle-aged Chinese American immigrant who owns a laundromat with her husband Waymond. Together they have a lesbian daughter named Joy together. Waymond, Evelyn’s husband wants to file a divorce which she is not aware of, while Gong Gong (which is Cantonese for grandfather) is visiting for Evelyn’s New Year’s party she is throwing. While at a meeting with IRS Evelyn’s husband’s body is taken over by a Waymond in a different dimension. This alpha verse of Waymond explains to Evelyn that many parallel universes exist because every life choice creates a new alternative universe. As Evelyn gets introduced to these new dimensions she learns how to travel through dimensions. The multiverse is now threatened by Jobu Tupaki, the different dimension version of Joy. She has created a black hole-like dimension that has created conflict and could maybe destroy the multiverses. Evelyn is given the power to jump through universes to fight Jobu’s minions. As she travels through multiverses she becomes a kung fu master, a film star, as well as many other things. Evelyn travels to a dimension where she also learns that Waymond’s plans for divorce. The difference dimension Waymond thinks Evelyn is the greatest “failure” of all Evelyns in the multiverse. Gong Gong the grandfather, is taken over by the different dimension Gong Gong, who demands Evelyn to kill Joy to stop Jobu from using her to enter Evelyn’s universe. Evelyn does not want to and instead wants to defeat Jobu by gaining powers through repeated verse-jumping.

Overall Everything Everywhere All at Once has a wonderful and Oscar award-winning title that can be recommended. This film has won 7 Oscars out of 11 nominations for best picture, directing, and in three of the four acting categories according to The New York Times. Michelle Yeoh the star of Everything Everywhere All at Once accepts these awards for best actress. Hopefully, this 60-year-old actress will influence many others to not give up on their dreams and show that many dreams can be fulfilled if you work hard enough.