Is Cable TV Still a Thing?

With new ways to watch your favorite shows coming every week, cable tv is a thing of the past.


Pixabay, Labeled for Reuse

Elicia Ramu, Staff Writer

For several generations, kids would wake up on a Saturday morning to run downstairs, grab their breakfast, and get to the tv as fast as they could, all to make sure that they wouldn’t miss their favorite cartoons. It was a ritual, something to look forward to every Saturday morning. Back then it was called cable tv. Most kids nowadays don’t even know what that means. Cable television is still around but how often do you hear about it, let alone watch it?

Cable was invented and introduced to society in the year of 1948. It was a time and place where you had only five channels. There were certain showings at certain times and always a repeat of your favorite tv shows at least once a week. It was a time when kid’s cartoons were only featured in the morning, then the news later in the afternoon reserved for adults.

Cable tv is still around today. It’s one of the many ways kids and adults can get their favorite shows or channels and stay up to date with those shows. It’s also one of the only ways that people can continue to watch the news, football, basketball, hockey and any other sport. The difference between now and 1948, is the fact that now cable tv isn’t the only way to watch all of your favorite programs.

Between Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, Disney Plus, and more streaming services, it makes it hard to consider cable tv as relevant. If you feel like binge-watching your favorite seasons of a certain tv show, you can do that with these streaming services. Want to watch a certain movie that’s not airing currently? These streaming services have your back. The problem with live tv that has everyone going to streaming services is that they have more to offer, with less payment and advertisements.

Although, on Amazon and Netflix, you can’t get your sports channels or your news channels, but with Hulu and Hulu Live that’s hardly a problem, as it features everything you need. From your favorite sports teams to updates of your favorite tv shows. As a teenager, that is one thing that I always look for because I love my tv shows and am always looking forward to watching something new every week.

Another basic factor in the decision between cable providers and streaming services is price. Depending on the company that you use, you could be spending up to hundreds of dollars, per month. That’s thousands of dollars a year. Is it worth it?

All in all, yes, cable is still around today. It’s used by so many people for music, news, sports, and tv. Is it as popular, as it was back at its’ peak? The answer is a simple no, it is not. It is seriously expensive and can be a pain to have if you’re a person who does not like commercials. However, some people still enjoy it. Saturday mornings are for family and cartoons that’s for sure, but if it’s on cable or not- is up to you.