Emily Makes a Wonderful Return to Paris

Emily in Paris Season 3 exceeds where season two struggled, breathing new life into the Netflix series


Courtesy of Marie Etchegoyen/Netflix

Emily (Lily Collins) smiles at her former coworker she hopes to lure back to her company in Emily in Paris Season 3 on Netflix. The relationship drama in the latest season adds genuine romantic tension that was missing from season two. With a tight plot and high stakes, this season has revitalized the energy of the series.

Ailyn Ponce , Staff writer

After the season 2 cliffhanger of the Netflix series Emily in Paris by Darren Star, starring Lily Collins; season 3 was finally released on December 21, 2022. Emily in Paris is all about her extravagant life in Paris, but after all of the delightfull Paris charm Emily starts comig across problems, weather it be about her lovelife or work life she always seems to have a problem, but always has a way to fix it. The show is filled with drama and romance definitely worth watching.

Emily (Lily Collins) is an American who moved to Paris to lay out the American point of view to a French market firm. At first it’s hard for Emily to adjust to her new life in Paris, she doesn’t have any friends, she doesn’t speak the language, and her colleagues and boss don’t really seem to like Emily but she slowly starts making an impression on them. Emily then meets Mindy (Ashley Park) and they start becoming friends, Mindy shows Emily around and she starts to like the city more and more.

The series is very interesting due to the fact that it’s in Paris and that Emily is an American that doesn’t know anything about French culture. The romance plot in the series is also interesting because it’s very confusing for Emily at first but then she ends up finding someone she cares about. Although I believe that they could have done some things differently like introducing some characters earlier in the series it all seemed to work well. In the beginning of season 3 Emily is stuck between a big decision, she knows what she wants but it’s hard for her to actually decide, Emily’s work life gets complicated quickly into the beginning of the season, and her romantic life starts off well but then it gets tricky which is what keeps you wanting more.

I believe that the plot is very intriguing and it grabs viewers attention due to the problems at work, her romantic life, and her friendships getting a little complicated. I definitely recommend watching the new season 3 of Emily in Paris. It’s great for audiences like me that like romance and the drama; but for other audiences that are more into action and faster paced series then it’s probably not for you. The new season of Emily in Paris leaves viewers on a cliffhanger and it leaves them wanting more. The new season is now streaming on Netflix, go watch if you enjoy romantic comedy!