Argentina gana el mundial por tercera vez


Lyse Prentout, Staff Writer

On Sunday, December 18, the final of the 2022 World Cup was played in Qatar. Argentina won the glorious title of “World Champion” by beating France on penalties after 90 minutes of play and extra time. 

After winning many titles such as the American Cup, the Champions League, the French Ligue 1, it is the World Cup that Lionel Messi, Argentine striker, added to his list of achievements this Sunday, December 18. 

Despite his exploits during the Qatari World Cup and his award as the top scorer of the international tournament, the young French striker, Kylian Mbappe did not show any sign of joy as he had tears in his eyes after his country lost to his teammate Lionel Messi’s at Paris Saint Germain. The French president Emmanuel Macron tried to comfort the players by asking them to never have regrets because they had made France shine and made billions of people around the world dream.

As a French exchange student in the United States, I have noticed that this sport, which originated in England in 1863, is played, watched and celebrated more in European countries than in America. Indeed, the biggest soccer clubs such as Barca, PSG, Manchester United and Juventus are in Europe as well as the biggest competitions. Moreover, soccer is the king sport on this continent because it is the most practiced sport, especially among boys. It is therefore natural that the best players in the world like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi or Neymar Jr play for these European clubs.So I think it is advantageous for players from all over the world to come and play in Europe in its high level competitions.

The European fans will follow the soccer competitions very seriously. Unfortunately, in France, it often happens that there are breakings of equipment in the streets and stadiums or altercations between fans of two teams, which endanger the others.