Big Changes in the Stadium

Frederick High School’s changes are in hopes of making our bleachers safer and our games more enjoyable.


Nicole Howieson, Staff Writer

Football games are a big tradition in the high school atmosphere. Friday night lights are what get students through their difficult, tiring week of school. Turnout at these games are continuously enormous; our students and families show up and show out for school pride. But, as the (rowdy) crowds get rowdier, Frederick’s admin is on a mission to keep their attendees to be protected yet still shouting with cheer.

The New Rules

All the new policies for the Friday night football games have been announced rolling into this new school year. Admin at the school have decided that no backpacks or large baggage will be allowed inside the gates. This is to prevent any suspicious or illegal items into the sporting event discreetly. If they were to be allowed, lines would be out the door because each backpack would have to be checked. Thus, averting any trouble beforehand will greatly help the system.

Another rule is the plan that once someone has entered the gates, they will not be able to leave the event and get in once again. Viewers must gather all their pieces that they will need and bring them in all at once. This may be an inconvenience to those watching, but again it’s just to make everything flow smoothly and have the event be safe. Few may be upset with this rule, but it is just a minor change for the greater good. The entrance gates will stay closed once the first hike signals the start of the football game.

Underage use of illegal substances have constantly been a problem that officials have faced on these late nights. So, to combat that, the rule makers have decided to not allow any open water bottles past those gates. Food and drinks must be bought at the concessions, nothing from the outside. Once more, this is to benefit the attendees and for everything to run easily.

The Peoples’ Reactions

The common reaction of these new rules are not for positive in the findings. Students tend to not always like to be presented new rules they will need to abide by. This results in them not following them and ignoring the policies all together. Although these are just a few, not imposing demands, many dislike them.

One student, Aria Bragalone, shared her opinion. She was recorded saying, “These aren’t terrible rules that they set, but I just wish they let everyone have fun. We never had any problems before, so why add new rules now?” That’s the type of mindset that many students share. Another Frederick High student, Ella Berrend, said something similar. “This is my first year being able to be in the rowdy crowd all year long because I was in band in previous years. Of course I’ll follow the rules, like everyone else will. I just hope the administration’s rules don’t begin to affect how the feel of the game goes.”

All in all, these rules seem to be the best for our Frederick football attendees. The main goal of the admin here at this school is the safety and happiness of everyone. It may take some time to fully enforce these, but administration believes this is the best choice and will work for everyone. Our football team has a bright future, so let’s have an amazing supporter turnout with tons of spirit! Let’s go Warriors!