Eagles Take Down Cougars

The Frederick Eagles football team takes down the Niwot Cougars for their homecoming game.

Ryley Anderson, Staff Writer

This Friday was more exciting than most for Frederick high school. On Friday, October 7 the golden eagles had been busy after 2:00pm. There was an assembly to start it all off, and then the huge parade that almost everyone participated in. After that there was the tailgate where the FHS booster club put together fun games to win prizes, food, face paint, and more. Then the big game. The game was against the Niwot Cougars where the eagles had shut them out 49-0.

To start off the game Junior Kemarly Davy ran the ball for a 61-yard touchdown. He was pitched the ball by quarterback Gavin Ishmael, and then blew through the cougar defense with the help of the eagles offense to set some blocks, reaching the end zone for the first touchdown of the game. Kemarly said “the first touchdown I was excited about. It felt like the tone of the game was starting to get set, and everyone got hyped after. The rowdy crowd gave us a great atmosphere that made me feel hella proud.” 

The next touchdown was a 40-yard touchdown pass from Gavin Ishmael to senior Jorden Fayhey. Gavin also had a 12-yard touchdown pass to Jorden Fayhey for his second touchdown of the game. Jorden said “honestly the second touchdown of the game. I just looked at my little brother (who is the ball boy now) and was super proud when I saw him cheering and getting excited.”

Senior Tager Reed had a 40-yard touchdown pass to Teagun Boen in the second quarter. Tager said “It felt good just to throw a touchdown to one of my boys. I don’t think I would have done anything differently, but what was going through my head was, I saw there was no safety andI knew right away I was going to Teagun, because I knew he could get open and I had all day to throw the ball because of the O-line.” Teagun had a different response to it. He said “I wasn’t really thinking anything, we were winning by a lot so it didn’t really matter” 

After the second quarter the score was 22-0 with a running clock when the boys got back from halftime. 

During the halftime show they announced the homecoming court and the winners for the first time. They started with the winners of the underclassmen, starting with the freshman class winners Marisol Tembrock and Zander Lovins. Then the sophomores Maggie Harning and Gavin Ishmael. Then the juniors Chloe Meza and Caleb Pickett. 

Lastly the announced the whole senior homecoming court starting with Bianca Rives and Adrian Madrid, then Hannah Donaldson and Harry Singh, then Ryley Anderson and Cruz Zamudio. After that they crowned the winners Ryley Anderson and Cruz Zamudio. 

The band performed songs from pirates of the Caribbean and dressed with pirate gear, after they announced the homecoming stuff. Then the cheerleaders and dancers did a performance as well. After that the boys took the field and started warming up for the second half of the game.

In the 3rd quarter senior Cruz Zamudio had a 62-yard touchdown run. After the run Cruz immediately looked for Hunter Kennedy and Chase Paugh because they had some good blocks to help him get in. “They were the first two people I looked for after the touchdown.” In the 4th quarter Tatum Sanders ran the ball for the only touchdown scored to end the game. 

At the end of the game the top three offensive players were Gavin Ishmael, Jorden Fayhey, and Kemarly Davy. Gavin had 122 passing yards and 2 touchdowns, Jorden had 65 receiving yards and two touchdowns, and Kemarly had 61 rushing yards and 1 touchdown. The top three defensive players were Wesley Walker, Kooper Anderson, and Kemarly Davy. Wesley had 5 tackles, Kooper had 6, and Kemarly had 7. Kemarly Davy had earned player of the game for the Niwot game being a defensive and offensive threat. Kemarly said “overall I feel like I did okay, but I could’ve done better. There is still a lot I need to work on and improve for future games.”  

After talking to some of the players they said they were prepared for the game and were excited for Coach Loyd’s game plan. A few of them said they could’ve done better and could’ve helped the team more but overall they all thought they played well, and were happy with the fact that the game was a blow out for homecoming. They mentioned how they couldn’t underestimate Niwot and their abilities to make good plays, whi8ch helped them keep sight of the end goal to win.