Hocus Pocus 2 Cast a Spell on Viewers

The Sanderson sisters return to Salem once again to create a nostalgic feeling to anyone who enjoyed the first Hocus Pocus.

Sanderson sisters flying on modern day cleaning products instead of basic brooms to bring in the modern aspect.

Sanderson sisters flying on modern day cleaning products instead of basic brooms to bring in the modern aspect.

Paxtyn Mangus, Staff Writer

On September 30, 2022, Walt Disney Pictures released what fans have been waiting for, Hocus Pocus 2. Made 29 years after the first Hocus Pocus, this movie has a very controversial rating. Released only on Disney+, people are loving the nostalgic feeling of the movie but others feel as if they did not bring back enough of the original cast. Bringing back the original Sanderson Sister actresses, Walt Disney tries to keep the same emotion as the first movie. Although they do keep the same actresses, Walt Disney also brings more modern aspects to the brink. 

This new spin on Hocus Pocus had fans eager as soon as it was announced to come out. The movie had a $200 million budget, already making $4.8 million in less than a month. This movie is meant for all ages and has spent over two decades preparing for the release of this fantastic movie.                                             

The young Sanderson sisters, played by: Winifred (Taylor Henderson), Sarah (Juju Journey Brener), and Mary (Nina Kitchen), start off the movie in olden days Salem. Showing a quick back story of why the Sanderson Sisters were originally banished from Salem and how they became witches, it sets up a storyline we can follow throughout the movie. The mother witch, played by Hannah Waddingham realizes that Winifred does not “smell” like other children she ate before and finds out she is also an upcoming witch. 

After the ten-minute flashback, the film jumps to modern-day Salem where we meet two of the main characters; Becca (Whitney Peak) and Izzy (Belissa Escobedo) in a school setting as the pair bicker with their former friend Cassie and her boyfriend Mike. We soon find out that Cassie’s family dates back to the witch trials which introduces our first tie to the witches. The characters in this movie are creating a role of friends who will soon have to come back together and overcome their altercations to stop the Sanderson sisters. 

In the original movie, the sisters are brought back by the lighting of the Black Flame Candle by a virgin (Max Dennison played by Omri Katz). Keeping the same storyline in the sequel, Becca and Lizzy light another Black Flame Candle while doing their annual birthday ritual for Becca, causing the sisters to reappear again. 

Overall, the movie did a great job by taking the original storyline and modernizing it to become another great movie. However, from certain standpoints, the movie lacks some originality that fans were expecting from the first movie. From the views of the people who were there for the first movie to hit theaters, they are disappointed in the fact that they did not see more of the original characters. This is the main concern about the movie but there are other disappointments that come along. Many folks are also dismayed by the attempt by Walt Disney to turn the witches into heroes, thinking that they should be kept solely as villains. Although there are some negative values of this movie, Walt Disney did a great job keeping the movie enjoyable for all ages by bringing some simple adult humor but keeping the comedy aspects for the kids. 

Teamwork is greatly portrayed in this movie. All of the teens in the movie see that there is an issue with the Sanderson sisters returning and working together to solve the problem so their beloved town is not harmed. As you watch the movie you can feel the intense feeling of betrayal by Izzy and Becca when they inform Jefry Traske (Tony Hale) about the party his daughter Cassie is throwing. Although Cassie feels betrayed, the other girls are just doing it out of the kindness of their hearts, not out of anger. 

The final emotions we get to see in this movie are emotional and powerful. As the two other Sanderson sisters vanish away, Winnie is left thinking that she will be alone. They throw a very powerful quote in there, “What have I done”. So simple yet so heartfelt, this quote shows that the witches do carry emotion and not just selfishness, shining some light on the other characteristics of the sisters. 

If you enjoyed the first Hocus Pocus you will not regret giving this movie a try. The nostalgic feeling is there, and Walt Disney made a great writing of this movie for all fans to enjoy.