Lauren Rosine Is Ready for Her New Chapter in Her Life

The life of a student athlete looking forward to her next chapter in life.

Emma Phillips, Staff writer

Lauren Rosine is a seventeen-year-old at Frederick High School. She plays basketball in and outside of school. She has played basketball since 5th grade and continues to play. This year is seven years of playing the sport she loves.

In her free time, she plays a lot of basketball, whether it’s at the rec center, in her backyard, or at school. She finds many people to play with and shoot hoops with. “My Dad has always helped me and coached me with basketball. I also like to shoot around and play pick-up games with Gwen Hanks and Savanna Staff. We usually stay longer after practice to play together and we go to the rec on some days we don’t have practice.”

Basketball has always been a part of Laurens’s life. She said “Basketball has made a pretty big impact on my life. It keeps my mind off things and can help me feel better mentally. It also keeps me in shape and allows me to work hard at something.”

Lauren is a great example of a student-athlete. One of the most important things as a student-athlete is keeping up on all your assignments. It can be really hard to do up to 8 classes of work and a sport that practices every day as well as 2-3 games per week. Lauren juggles AP and honors classes while playing basketball and living her life.“During the season it can get stressful with school and basketball. Having practice every day can stress me out with not having a lot of time to complete all my homework and can cause a lot of late nights. Talking to my teachers and friends helps keep me on track and motivated” Rosine says.  

Lauren is a very sweet and outgoing person. She puts people before herself and is willing to help out anyone. “My high school experience was pretty good. I definitely felt very stressed with schoolwork. However, I have had a lot of fun moments and memories.” Having lots of memories is one of the most important things about the high school experience.

On top of school work and basketball taking up the majority of her schedule, Lauren used to work at the rec in the kid zone. She loved hanging out with all the kids. She recently applied at Ziggi’s and she hopes to work there soon. 

After high school, she wants to go to college and has thought about being a labor and delivery nurse or cosmetologist. “I would like to go to college. I really liked the Wyoming campus and would like to go there because it is close to home but not too close. It had really nice programs and I enjoyed a lot about it.”

Lauren has been in Frederick almost her whole life.  “I will definitely miss parts of high school. I think going to the games and rowdy crowd themes are fun and I will definitely miss my friends. I think moving to the next chapter of my life though will be exciting. I am excited to graduate but also very nervous. I am nervous to start somewhere new and having my life change. I think it will be exciting to have new things in my life though.”