Is Thor love and thunder

Thor: Love and Thunder” is filled with stars, including Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth, but it treats them like cardboard cutouts of themselves.

Krystal Tschida, Staff writer

Every so often in “Thor: Love and Thunder,” the 92nd Marvel movie to hit the screen this overall in the studio hit pause, and the company opens a portal yet once again to another dimension to its biggest star, Chris Hemsworth embraces a self-parody.

It all starts with a bunch of giants, screaming goats galloping along a rainbow highway while Russell Crowe flounces around in a flirty skirt and Shirley Temple curls. As the movie briefly slips into a parallel realm of excitement and tragedy, you can feel the director, Taika Waititi, having a good time —

We meet our space Viking hero and thunderous Norse God: Thor (Chris Hemsworth) on a path of healing. Going “from dad bod to god bod” (to quote Waititi’s voiceover recap, delivered by his still-charming, rock-bodied, softy character Korg), Thor has lost the gut he had in “Avengers: Endgame.” The people of Asgard settled into a port town called New Asgard after their home realm was trashed in “Thor: Ragnarok.” Their leader, the charismatic King Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson), has helped them acclimate to life on Earth, which translates to its establishment as a tourist attraction.
With assistance from the Guardians of the Galaxy, in a brief appearance, Thor gets back into world-saving shape with a Guns N’ Roses-accompanied moment that unleashes a stylized, high-flying battle.

But he has no one to share the victory with. For the hundreds of years Thor has lived, he has resigned to not finding true love.
Let me talk about the good. First of all, this movie lived up to its name in the title aspect in the sense that it focused on the love between Thor and Jane; the love between the side characters, and even the antagonist and his daughter.

There were a lot of emotional moments, especially with Thor and Jane, which was nice to see.

But the biggest downside of this movie was the unnecessary jokes. The prequel was a success with it because it wasn’t forced; however, this movie was overloaded with jokes, portraying it as some kid show. The only jokes that entered were the parts between Thor and Stormbreaker, alongside some scenes with Zeus.
All in all, enjoy yourself, and don’t expect too much from this movie. While it has its visual appeals and heartwarming romance, as a whole it was just an average movie; this has become the trend for Marvel’s Phase Four