Love Hard is an Easy to Love Holiday Film



The newest holiday film Love Hard on Netflix is a very well done film. It gives a spinoff to the standard cheesy rom-com Christmas films.

Kaya Paluda, Staff Writer

‘Tis the season for cheesy rom-com Christmas movies that everyone can’t seem to keep their hands off of. But, the newest holiday movie Love Hard takes a new spin to the Christmas movie rom-com. At first glance the audience just expects yet another seasonal ordinary feel-good Christmas rom-com but, when actually watching the film it takes a nice twist on what would’ve been just an ordinary Christmas rom-com. Love Hard also gives a sweet message that it doesn’t matter what’s on the outside but it does matter what’s on the inside. This movie is a perfect modern twist.

  Love Hard is all about a woman from L.A. named Natalie. She is a journalist and specifically writes about her bad dates and experiences with online dating. But she just wants real love and to be able to finally find the perfect one for her. One of her closest friends and coworker says that the reason she isn’t getting anything successful is that she doesn’t widen her radius of men and where they live. Like any good friend would, she helps Natalie out and widens her dating app radius. After being unsuccessful for as long as she could remember she finally lands on someone who catches her eye and immediately. She and this “perfect boy” she found named Josh start talking nonstop, well more like texting nonstop.

They talk for hours on end and can’t get enough of each other even though they are living in a three-hour time difference. Time gets closer to Christmas and Josh says he wishes Natalie was with him for Christmas. Natalie thinks nothing of it for a couple of days until she talks to her boss and he wants another interesting and juicy article from her. This gives her the impulsive idea to go and surprise Josh at his house for Christmas. Her boss thinks this will all blow up in her face, so he lets her go because he believes it’ll be great content for her next article. 

Love Hard surprised me with how much I engaged in the film. I thought this film was very well put together and was a great modern twist to the casual rom-com cheesy Christmas movies. The actors were great in their roles and each person was perfectly played. This film has its endearing moments and little details that make up the overall film. Love Hard not only produces a message but teaches self-reflection and self-acceptance. I would recommend this film to anyone who loves classic rom-com movies. It’s also modern to many people’s experiences not only during the holiday season.