Brittany McLachlan

Ali takes her senior photos posing for the camera with her warm smile.

ALI DAVIS: A Warm Heart

Ali Davis is literally the nicest person at Frederick High

Creative. Kind. Successful.

Ali Davis.

In asking others about Ali in preparing for this article, several of her peers and teachers have called her one of the most warm-hearted people they have met. Ali Davis is a successful learning student and takes pride in everything she does. Outside of school and sports, Ali loves being outside “Whether it’s hunting or hiking or just going on a walk. I’d rather be outside somewhere seeing new things” Ali states.

After high school, Ali would like to go into a four-year college “hopefully to play softball. I’ve been talking to a few coaches. I wanna study biology to become a wildlife biologist” 

While keeping an incredible GPA, Ali just finished up her high school softball season for the last time leaving her cleat marks on the field and taking her next strides as she steps out onto the basketball court to make her final mark on the court. Ali accomplished making Varsity for both Basketball and Softball. Ali still has a couple of goals before graduating high school she says “ I still have basketball and the rest of my school year so I’d like to leave my mark in the gym and stay on top of my grades so that I can say I was successful as I could have been.”

 While staying on top of her grades Ali also mastered the skill of being a student-athlete. “Being a student-athlete is tough but in a good way. I love being a part of a team and creating a bond with my teammates. You have to be good about keeping your grades up because your team relies on you to be eligible to play. It also teaches you time management so that you aren’t late for practices and games. You have to be reliable because your teammates expect you to be there to be a part of the team. Being a student-athlete also makes me a better person all around because it teaches you to be a leader and learn how to talk to adults (coaches and teachers) and those skills could potentially help to get a job.” 

Ali has always had a support and motivation system for everything she takes part in. “I’ve always had a really good support system and people I can always rely on to be there for me. My family motivates me to be a good person and they helped me become the person I am today. I always think there’s room for improvement. My little brothers also motivate me, I want them to look up to me and see what I have done and inspire them to be better people and to work hard”

Ali has great advice for incoming students: “I’d tell them to enjoy high school and to do as many things as possible. I’ve met my closest friends through sports and activities through school. The four years fly by so fast and it’ll be something you’ll remember for the rest of your life.” 


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