Impressing the Best

FHS Coach Peeples wins Denver Broncos “Coach of the Week”


Mikyla Massey

Coach Peeples poses for a picture in front of the FHS scoreboard.

Mikyla Massey, Staff Writer

Coach and FHS teacher Travis Peeples was awarded “Coach of the Week” by the official Denver Broncos. Ever since Coach Peeples took charge of the Frederick Warrior football team two years ago, their winning streak of 9-1 has surprised many. Peeples describes his initial reaction to the award as “probably the biggest surprise as a coach because obviously I truly respect the Broncos organization.”

Not only has the winning streak changed, but the attitude has too. “We set high goals. When you set high goals, hold kids accountable, set out a plan form, reward, and encourage them along the way; that’s when you get success. Our goal was State.” Although they haven’t reached the state championship just yet, they are close. This Friday’s rivalry game against Mead will determine if the team will earn a conference championship and host a home playoff game. “There are three playoff games you need to win to get to the state championship,” Peeples explained.

Earning this award is honorable, but what a lot of people don’t know is how Coach Peeples got to Frederick. Peeples has been coaching for about 24 years now and has been coaching all over. “I started in Miami, Florida, and coached the Miami Killians. I also went to another school called Pine Ridge, where I coached my own kids in the Youth League and won the national championship.” This wasn’t all, Peeples later coached at, Aurora, Central Coast, and Cheyenne Wyoming. Which finally lead him to coach at Frederick.

Out of all of the places, why Frederick? “Well, my family and I were looking for a home on the Front Range. And then this job came open. So I came over and saw the community and school, and felt like it was a perfect fit match to be somewhere long term. It definitely has a hometown feel.”

All of these experience through the other teams has made him into a great coach that can reach out to any of his players and has given him that boost to become that much better for them. In the end, Coach Peeples got what he was looking for and helped the team get where they are now.