One-on-One: Estee Burnham

Sophomore Estee Burnham lets us know about her undeniable love for horses

Susan Rose, Head Editor

Susan Rose


As we all know the ongoing musical Newsies has made a huge impact on our school, it even made it to Thescon. This couldn’t have been done without so many amazing people. We took one of those amazing contributors, Estee Burnham, and got to know her personally through her undying love for horses.



FREDERICK SCOUT: Outside of the musical, what do you do with your time?

ESTEE BURNHAM: I play tennis, but I love horseback riding.

SCOUT: How long have you been doing it?

EB: I’ve been doing it for maybe three years during the summers.

SCOUT: How did you get into the program?

EB: I’ve loved horses my entire life, so my mom ended up helping and finding this amazing program for me.

SCOUT: Would you want to make a future out of this?

EB: I would love to get a horse later in my life when I’m married.

SCOUT: Why when you are married?

EB: ​Well you can’t really have a horse in college, you couldn’t really have them in a dorm.

SCOUT: What about career wise?

EB: ​In my future I really do want to be a veterinarian and be able to work with big animals like horses and cows.