Showing Our Spirit Through the Holidays

The history behind one of our jolliest spirit weeks of the year

Aron Navarrete-Jimenez, Staff Writer

Spirit Week within Frederick High School is a huge event which many students participate in to show their school spirit and pride, engaging in different activities throughout the week set up by the Student Council and staff. From traditional days such as Pajama Day and Class Color Day that has been lasting for over 15 years now to newer ideas such as the Holiday in July/Blizzard Day which Student Council brainstorm upon, Spirit Week has become a big part of our high school culture which many students anticipate to show off what it means to truly be apart of Frederick High School.

​As mentioned before, Spirit Week has been around for a considerable amount of time within the school, with some activities like the Santa Hat Day being one of those main examples. “Everyone has a chance to voice their opinion on Spirit Week, but we also have these traditions,” explained counselor and Student Council advisor Katherine Zulaf during the interview.

“So, for instance, every Friday of Spirit Week since I’ve been here for 30 years has been Santa Hat day. ​There are traditions that we always keep intact.” Such traditional events are in every single school in some way, being an essential part of the school culture as it keeps the schools past current so that we never forget where our community came from and the people behind why our school environment is like this today.

Although, traditions aren’t the only thing that Spirit Week consists of. Other than Class Color day and Santa Hat Day, there are new events every year which Student Council come up with to keep the week fresh. These events are always random at best but keep everybody interested in Spirit Week, with the members of Student Council always striving to make everything as interesting and as fun as they can. To be able to do this, one has to get pretty creative with their sort of thinking. As Student Council member Lauren Leitner describes, “We kind of have a weird way in which we brainstorm. We have everybody shout out random things that they think would be fun for everybody to do. As soon as everybody is done, we start to go through them keeping in mind how many people would do this as well as the fun of it all.” Having this sort of thinking and mindset is great for really inspiring new ideas for Spirit Week, keeping the school spirit unique but familiar as students show off their support for the school.

When Spirit Week does occur throughout the school, students and staff are always excited to see what’s going to happen this year, with such new ideas and traditions bringing out the creative and expressive side of the school that everybody loves. Students aren’t the only ones who go full out, teachers also get to have some enjoyment out of Spirit Week by being as engaged in such events like everybody else. With Pajama Day being one of those favorites which students enjoy but staff love as it gives everybody the chance to get out of their boring normal clothes and into some comfy pajamas they can relax in. As Shae Hall, another member of the Student Council puts it, “It’s really cool to see everybody getting all together for Spirit Week. Seeing everyone showing their support and spirit for the school is just awesome for Student Council and most importantly the school!”

It’s true that there is nothing better than seeing everybody having a good time within the school, but one of the coolest aspects to Spirit Week is seeing that connection grow throughout the students and staff. Having activities and events which both students and staff take part in really helps connect everyone all together, giving that needed sense of joy and well-being in the school which everybody can appreciate throughout the holidays.