Cranberry Cans and Helping Hands

StuCo’s Thanksgiving-in-a-Box aims to fill bellies and warms hearts

Liz Kulesus, Staff Writer

With Thanksgiving Break around the corner, students have been anxiously awaiting for the week of free time and the enticing smells of a lovely Thanksgiving dinner. However, not everyone in the Frederick community is able to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal–lots of our families are struggling with making ends meet and cannot afford what so many of us often take for granted.

That’s where Student Council comes in. For the past decade, StuCo has worked to help the needy in our area with their Thanksgiving-in-a-Box Food Drive. “We [were] approached by the Carbon Valley Help Center, and they asked us if we could help by offering baskets,” Jessica Kelly from student council replied to when asked how their committee decided to take on this project.

Participants within the student council also proposed to ‘team up’ with the Rocky Mountain Christian Church located in Frederick to collect Thanksgiving food items. The students in the council have planned that, “[On] the following Monday after break […] we’ll go to the church, and help hand out the baskets” Jessica confirmed ecstatically. Other volunteers from these institutions will be aiding at the Rocky Mountain Christian church as well to deliver a helping hand to those in need.

The crew of students associated with aiding these two organizations have also decided to put together their fundraising money to donate some bread rolls to this cause as well. Since rolls  cost more than other donatable items and perish sooner than other goods, the students have agreed to raise money to purchase rolls for the food drive. Other items that student council must acquire consist of non-perishable goods, such as canned vegetables, in addition to boxed, easy-to-cook items. All of the donations made by students at Frederick High School can be dropped off at the bins in the front office, or given to the students assigned advisory teacher. These, along with the rolls will be disbursed on November 19th with the prepared Thanksgiving baskets.

When asked about the goal of the food drive, Jessica extols, “Our goal at Frederick high school is 100 baskets.” The goal of Frederick correlates to that of the Carbon Valley Help Center, which is to deliver relief to the community members that need urgent service. Though this event is only sponsored through the three assemblies, their goals have been extended beyond the reaches of Frederick. Members of the council contended to reach out to, not only Frederick’s students, but students from other schools during sport events to inquire if they would be willing to donate to the foundation.

​Although the students within the assembly offer their support and help in multiple different ways, the main vital aspect of the drive is uniting together as a community to distribute the donations and love to those in need. The baskets can only be created through the contributions made by the community, and the student board invites all to donate and share what they can to help build up a better metropolis. Together, with combined efforts, everyone will be able to enjoy a captivating Thanksgiving dinner.