Water Bottle Refill Station: Green Club’s Ambitious Project!


Aron Navarrete-Jimenez

Junior Alex Martinez helping to fundraise the Water Bottle Refill Station, getting the message out there that having one would help everyone throughout the school.

Aron Navarrete-Jimenez, Staff Writer

When it comes to the vast projects that many of our clubs have been working on throughout the year, Green Club has been working hard on considerably one of the biggest projects for the club and the school itself. “The Water Bottle Refill Station is a project that Green Club is beyond excited for,” Junior and prominent club member Alex Martinez excitedly replied after being asked about Green Club’s greatest project.

As one would guess, the ‘Water Bottle Refill Station’ project is a task that Green Club has taken up to install a new station within the school where students are able to comfortably refill any sort of water bottle with clean and filtered water. One would just have to walk up, place their empty bottle right onto the station, and just simply wait a couple of seconds to fill and grab once the bottle is full again. No more buttons needed to be held down for water, no more awkward angles one would place their water bottles in to just be able to fill the thing up to a respectable amount. Most importantly, no more need to throw away plastic/used water bottles as you could just simply refill the bottle with no time or hassle at all.

“The students and staff at Frederick High School have been anxiously awaiting having water bottle refill stations in the school like many other schools have,” teacher and adviser Mrs. Smith stated during an interview about such project, “It would greatly decrease plastic waste and encourage one of the three “r’s” reuse throughout the school.”

Even though this school has been built fairly recently by the district, the school was not a part of the initial batch of installed water bottle refill stations. This has lead to the school and many other requests for a future water bottle refill station to be placed on a sort of waiting/to-do list by the district, as the district works with different companies on grants for these sorts of requests. Mrs. Smith confirmed all this after being asked the question why it this request has taken so long, adding on, “We were told it would probably be a few more years still before we would receive one, due to the district working with different companies on grants for these kinds of things.”

Although, this hasn’t stopped the members of Green Club at all when it comes to accomplishing such task. “The Green Club students were interested in finding out if they could fundraiser and get one installed so that the school did not have to wait. We were told we could, so starting in September the students have fund-raised to get at least one water bottle refill station installed, which would cost about $3000,” Adviser Mrs. Smith commented, “Lots of fundraising has been involved in this project, however, I can not reveal that top secret information about when we’ll get the refill station. In the future, we hope to be selling water bottles as well, hopefully encouraging students at FHS to reduce waste!” member Alex Martinez expressed anxiously during his interview.

​From doing concessions at the Homecoming Dance to finding and contacting supporters, Green Club has been hard at work to fund such project, doing as much as they can to bring this project to fruition at our school. As of now, Green Club has successfully fund-raised $500 toward this goal and are steadily planning to raise more throughout the year, encouraging our school to reduce waste and become a green community as a whole.