Why is the Scout Coming Back?


The Warrior Scout logo, designed for Frederick High School in 1979 and reconstructed for the new masthead through scanning old newspapers

Susan Rose, Head Editor

Journalism has been a impact on society for a long time. It has opened up people and given them a voice. It let them express everything on their minds and let others engage with them on a personal level. It not only gives an outlet, but it draws us closer to those around us. Once upon a time we had the Warrior Scout, it gave our students all of these things. Though it disappeared it’s memory isn’t forgotten, it inspires us, the Frederick Scout. To push these boundaries and give you all something amazing.

About the Scout

The Warrior Scout was our school produced newspaper from 1979 to 1987. In it the previous students would write anything from the buzz about current games to “Senior Will and Testaments” which explained what the senior left to the school once they graduated. Students and even some teachers would express themselves in the Warrior Scout.

Students would also showcase their art, by having it published in later issues. They even published puzzles that the students could do while reading. Though they covered events about their school they would branch out to the things important to the student writers.

With every newspaper there is masthead, which is the strip that is always at the top of every issue, that gives the title of the paper, date, issue number, and volume. The Warrior Scout used the photo above in their masthead, along with the title of their paper. That’s where ours originates from, we wanted to give a throw back to the previous paper, to honor them. Though instead of having the exact old masthead we revamped it by adding the arrow from our current Frederick logo, in order to make it ours.

Why it’s coming back

With having the Warrior Scout it influenced positive journalism in our school and got our students involved, they had a voice. That’s what our school needs, our students need a outlet to vent frustrations and express themselves in the community that they are in. Teachers and admins often make decisions that we can’t necessarily do anything about. We need a safe place to express our feelings and concerns about those issues. The Frederick Scout can give that outlet to any student that needs it.

We aren’t alone in bringing journalism back to the students. In fact, Mead brought their school newspaper back two years ago with a publications class and now have 36 current members. They have been able to accomplish a lot of things, some of the things being; 20-40 articles every month, podcasts, polls, and more. It’s undeniable that Mead is setting the standard for school journalism, what it can be and where it can go. It might discouraging at first that we aren’t at the point, yet, but with practice and people we can succeed their standards.

What you should expect
​In order to voice these issues or events we want articles that can do this in a variety of ways.
Such as:

  • Investigative pieces to answer all your questions
  • Play by plays that give you all the info on our important games
  • Event pieces that let you know what’s going on
  • Interviews that an open eye to teachers or students
  • Reviews giving a opened view on current t.v. shows or movies
  • Scout honor pieces giving a light on those who deserve it
  • Open letters to the editor that let everyone know about your feedback

​We will actively look and want your feedback. The Scout wants the student body wants. With your feedback we can help shape that to the community’s view. We will also have polls, to get a good view of who our audience is and to see what they are looking for. In the end the best way for your voice to get into the newspaper, is to be apart of it. We are always welcoming new members and we would be glad to see you there!