Graduation Is Almost Here: Are You Prepared?

Do you have everything you need one for graduation?

Darlene Strange, Editor

Graduation is right around the corner and knowing how this year has been are you actually prepared? There are some things that you need to make sure that you have in line before graduation. 


First of all you need to make sure that you have everything ordered for graduation day. This includes your gown, cap, and tassels. This was supposed to be ordered in December with the entire group but you can still order them and have them get here on time, 


The next thing you need to have in line are your graduation announcements. Let’s be honest family and friends want to celebrate your achievements so having graduation announcements is a way that they can do that. It’s recommended that you get everyone’s names and address beforehand so when you send your invitations they get there on time and it doesn’t take extra work. You can find graduation announcements all over the internet but we would recommend ordering them sooner rather than later. 


As mentioned in a previous article each student will only be allowed to have 4 family members at the graduation ceremony so you should know who you want there. Everyone will be required to wear masks so keep that in mind while informing family members about your ceremony. 


Graduation parties during a pandemic can be hard but not impossible. A graduation party is truly one of the best parts of graduation. Being able to hangout with friends and family is a reward so you will need to get that in order sooner rather than later as well. Remember that we are in a pandemic so take extra precautions while making the invite list.


So the main things to focus on before graduation are getting your cap, gown, tassel, graduation announcements, and making that invite list. Graduation is only a few weeks away and you want to make sure that you aren’t rushing at the very end to get everything inline.