As Restrictions Are Lifted: Sports


Darlene Strange

Coach Peeples preparing one of his athletes for the next season with weight training.

Darlene Strange , Staff Writer

COVID has changed a lot of things in people’s lives including sports. Sports seasons have changed, been cancelled, and even have limited guests. Frederick High School as seen a lot of these things change. 


We are currently in basketball season and students haven’t been able to attend until just now. Players have given up their tickets for their families so that 50 seniors can attend at least one game for their senior year. This game will be March 1, 2021 and all the seniors that will be attending are very excited. They will still have to wear their masks and social distance but they are willing to do anything to be able to go to one last game. 


We are hoping that they can start opening up the games for more students to be able to come and enjoy the games. As Covid cases come down and restrictions are lifted we will be able to allow more guests into the games. Hopefully by the middle of volleyball season we will be able to allow parents and the student section into the games if everything goes as planned.


Masks will still be required from the sounds of it but the CDC is saying that they could possibly be gone by September so there’s always hope for next year that we won’t have any masks at the games and we won’t have to social distance. This is truly the goal for SVVSD and the world itself. We can only do that if everyone wears their masks during school and during the games.