The Key to Helping Out


Aurora Rangel

The Key Club works hard, and they have helped the community in many ways, for example making cards to help teach kids.

Sarah Hayes, Editor

Have you ever wondered who the people kind enough to hang up sticky notes on every locker in the hallway during finals were? Or the ones in charge of running the donation drives that are usually located outside the front office? That would be Frederick High School’s Key Club.

Key Club, run by senior Aurora Rangel, is a student-led service organization on the international level, similar to NHS (National Honor Society) with the exception that there is no GPA requirement to join. The club volunteers with community service stuff meant to help our community.

“You may have heard about our clothing drive,” says Rangel. “We wanted to do it earlier for the families that were displaced by the wildfires, but since we went online we pushed it back a bit.”

Key Club is having a clothing drive. It is currently ongoing, from January 15th to February 5th. Rangel is planning on taking the clothes that are in good condition that were donated to a local homeless shelter after the 5th.

To donate clothes to the clothing drive, simply bring in some clean clothes that are still in good condition, and drop them off in the box near the front office. This is similar to years past with the food drives around the holidays, where you could bring in any extra boxed, bagged, or canned goods and donate them, or with previous cloting drives which has the same thing but for clothes.

There are also many more activities that Key Club does outside of school. Some of these include:

  • Making homemade blankets and donating them
  • Tutoring students at Thunder Valley and Coal Ridge
  • Community Service Projects
  • Making cards for sick kids
  • The encouraging sticky notes
  • Volunteering for Salvation Army

Key Club members volunteering for the Salvation Army during Christmastime.
(Left to Right: Grace Hiegel [9], Aurora Rangel [12], Gabriela Hinojos Madrid [10]) 
“Even though it’s hybrid learning, we’re still able to keep doing what we do.” Says Rangel.

The club accepts anyone willing to join and is a great way to get community service hours that some colleges or scholarships need for applications. It provides plenty of leadership opportunities as well.

This is a great club to join if you’re looking to make a difference in the community, or even grow as a person.



To find out more information or join Key Club, you can email Aurora ([email protected]) or Ms. Stuhr ([email protected]).