Soul Review- Will You Begin to Question How You’re Living Your Life?


Disney Pixar

Joe Gardener and 22 in New York

Lena Siscoe, Staff Writer

On Friday, December 25, 2020, Disney’s newest animated film Soul hit its platform with a powerful message to viewers. The film starring Daveed Diggs, Jamie Foxx, and Tina Fey intrigues viewers throughout the film to ask big questions about life. The animated film takes you through the storyline of 22 whose only wish is to stay in the great before. Countless mentors try to get 22 to go to earth and as a result of 22 being unwilling to give up life in the great before things take an unexpected turn when Joe Gardener shows up.

The film opens with Joe Gardener teaching a middle school music class. Joe’s only dream is to become the greatest jazz musician people have ever seen. Unfortunately, he is stuck with middle schoolers who can’t quite play a tune. Day in, day out Joe feels disparity not being able to land a gig playing jazz, but instead a full-time job teaching kids. Shockingly he gets a call from one of his old students saying that there’s an opening spot in their jazz gig that night. Joe is overwhelmed with the good news, but when his excitement about the gig leads him elsewhere his day doesn’t exactly go as planned.

The movie takes you on a crazy adventure by experiencing what life is like elsewhere. The great before in the film is a beautiful place with candy color clouds and little blue souls running around playfully such as 22. The film gives perspectives of opportunity to realize whether or not people truly appreciate the gift of life. One of the most memorizing scenes is where characters walk-through a hall filled with living images of their memories in their past life. 22 gets to experience Joe Gardener’s memories as he mentors 22’s soul to find something that it’s passionate about such as his passion for jazz. 22 is a stubborn soul but gives viewers a touched heart after 22’s experience on earth.

Watching this movie left my mind stranded in countless thoughts about life. Questions such as is the great beginning real? Are we all stuck at some point contemplating what we want to achieve in life? This animated film was one of the most hilarious movies Disney has created. Sarcasm between characters brings it to life. I loved watching it. I was inspired by this movie and felt touched by the uplifting spirits of the film expressed through character emotions. I love the charming, bewildering, and beautiful new animation about life after death in life before death. I would recommend this movie to viewers of all ages as it gives a youthful perspective but also makes more critical thinking adults question their lives.