The Mysterious Monoliths


Utah Department of Public Safety

This is what started all of the craze. A mysterious monolith that just appeared out of nowhere one day in Utah with no warning and no one to come forward as to who put it up. More began to sprout up as time went on with no one coming forward. This was quite an interesting event.

Sarah Hayes, Staff Writer

2020 has been an insane year. From COVID-19 in January to Black Lives Matter protests in August, there’s no way this year could possibly get any crazier!

Well, it has.

If you haven’t heard by now, December’s candidate of insanity would be a mysterious monolith that seems to be jumping around to different hidden locations in the world. This monolith started out at about 10 feet tall, has 3 sides, and is made of what looks to be a reflective stainless steel.

This phenomenon started in the San Juan deserts of Utah. Tourists in the desert posted pictures of the monolith onto the interwebs, and as quickly as it was noticed, it vanished, leaving only an impression on the ground where it once stood.

The Utah Monolith disappeared as quickly as it came. (Wikimedia)

Not too long after the disappearance of the Utah monolith, another appeared on a mountain in Romania. While the Utah monolith was rooted into the ground, this new monolith was not, and could easily be knocked over with a slight nudge. This monolith was extremely similar to the Utah one, other than a difference in the reflectiveness of the exterior that no one seemed to notice (It was covered in little swirly loops does no one else see that really?).

After the Romanian monolith disappeared, it was revealed that a group of people came and knocked down the Utah monolith, as told by travel photographer Ross Bernard. The people who knocked down the tower posted a video on Youtube, saying that they knocked the structure down because it was illegal for it to be where it was. This is similar to how a structure in California ddisappeared, someone came and dismantled it, the only difference this time being that it was replaced with a plywood cross.

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