The Princess Switch: Switched Again Brings Lots of Joy

The Princess Switch: Switched Again starring Vanessa Hudgens brings lots of joy once again during the Christmas season.



The Princess Switch: Switched again is a fun and new movie out now on Netflix.

Kaya Paluda, Editor in Chief

The Princess Switch: Switched Again came out on Netflix on November 19th. Since then it has been getting lots of love from critics in regards to how well structured and filmed the movie was. Does this mean that this movie is better than the first one? It definitely could be. The Princess Switch: Switch Again isn’t your traditional cheesy romance Christmas movie. Although the main idea of the movie is about romance, it doesn’t play off like your typical romance Christmas movie. Christmas is right around the corner and this is a perfect movie to watch with family and friends during the Christmas season. 

The first Princess Switch summed up takes place a week before Christmas. In this film, a duchess switches places with an ordinary girl from Chicago named Stacy, who looks exactly like her. The duchess and Stacy fall in love with each other’s opposites. Stacy and her friend Kevin travel to Bulgaria for a baking competition while the duchess is expected to fall in love with the prince. Stacy is in the duchesses place however, isn’t looking for love. Little did both of these characters know, the Duchess ended up falling in love with Kevin and Stacy ended up falling in love with the Prince. What happens after that? Is a secret that leads into the next movie. 

 In The Princess Switch: Switched Again Stacy and the prince are planning to go on a trip to visit the duchess who is about to become the queen of her country Montenaro. Sadly for the Duchess, she and Kevin broke up over the summer and are still battling their feelings for each other. While Stacy is on the way to Montenaro she and the prince decide to bring the duchess a surprise. That surprise ends up bringing a lot of emotions for everybody. However, it is Christmas time so everyone has to push their emotions away to help the duchess decorate her palace. When the duchesses coronation comes around old feelings rise again only to bring new problems involving jealousy. These feelings leave the duchess confused and at no words.  

When Stacy and Kevin meet the duchesses cousin Fiona they have no idea the problems that she will bring as her jealousy of Stacy having the spotlight takes over. Stacy being the kind person he is decided it would be a good idea to switch with the duchess one last time as a way to try to save a lost romance between her (the duchess) and Kevin. 

One of the biggest problems that arose with Fiona was her huge priority to have herself become queen. Fiona finds a way for her to become queen for a little while. She does this by kidnapping the duchess and kicking Kevin out only to be caught by one of the Duchess helpers as being a fake. What happens after that? It’s a true mystery that can’t be revealed unless watched. All I can say is that the ending is amazing. 

 The Princess Switch: Switched Again overall this movie was amazing. The movie had a great structure, plot, storyline, and cast that made this movie amazing. Personally, Christmas movies are my favorite and I have to say that I think this is one of the best ones that I have seen. Although it’s not a classic Christmas movie it has a new modern feeling to it that adds to the film in itself. One thing that can be said though is if you’re a huge Christmas movie fan like myself and you’re looking for a perfect movie to watch. The Princess Switch: Switched Again is a perfect fit for you. Grab your fuzzy socks and blankets. Turn on a heater or fireplace. Grab some popcorn, hot cocoa, cookies, and your family and sit down and enjoy this amazing romantic film that will keep you laughing and smiling the whole way through.