What COVID-19 looks like in other states

Melayna Elkins, Staff Writer

All states have different ways of protecting themselves from the virus. You go to one state and it looks like the virus is more intense than what it actually is and then you go to other states where it just looks like nothing is happening at all. 


In California, if you travel to  Los Angeles County by plane or train, you are now required to sign a form that the traveler is aware of the new two week self quarantine. Failure to comply, the result may be a fine up to $500.  However, at this current time, Orange County has not adopted such a recommendation.


Recently, I traveled to Florida for a softball showcase.  Going to Target, the shelves were stocked with Clorox wipes and all kinds of disinfectant – which is so scarcely available in Colorado and California.  My Mom and other parents joked that they were going to empty their suitcases to bring some of these items back.   There was no mask mandate at the softball fields, so it was rare to see anyone, parent to umpire to player having one on or even around their necks.  Talking with one umpire, he explained that only a few college recruiters showed up due to this no mask mandate. 


Our family stayed a few more days in Florida and went to Disney World.  Side note, Disneyland in California is still closed as they could not come to an agreement with the state and local government approvals.  The way Disney World is handling COVID-19 and I hate to admit it, but it was a very nice day at the park.  First, you have to buy your ticket, then make a reservation to go into the park – they are only allowing from what I have heard, a quarter of visitors to promote physical distancing.  The queue for rides on average were 30 minutes which usually if a line was an hour that was amazing.  The visitors were required to wear a mask the whole time at the park, but they did have a few areas called, ‘timeout stations’ where you could take off your mask, but it was at your own risk and they were timed on how long you could be there and limited the number of people.   


In the May 2020, my travel softball team season should have been in full swing, however, tournaments were cancelled in Colorado.  However, Wyoming and Kansas were holding tournaments.  Wyoming at this time, travelers and citizens had the option of eating indoors and masks were not required to even enter the restaurants.  Stores were fully stocked with toilet paper, Clorox wipes, you name it.  So, yes, since we drove, my Mom stocked up.  I think she dipped a bit into my college fund because she spent so much money.  At this current time, there are still no COVID-19 restrictions for Wyoming.


While we traveled to Kansas in May and June 2020, they did have a mask mandate, but travelers and citizens were able to eat in restaurants and live normally.  Parents did not have to wear masks at the fields, but were not able to sit behind home plate.  However, as of November 17, 2020, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment are asking the people in Kansas to quarantine for a period of 14 days starting from the day they arrive in Kansas.   


As mentioned above with California and LA County, as a state they have issued as of November 21, 2020, there is curfew for non-essential work and activities stop between 10PM and 5AM for counties that are Tier One (purple).  So, seeing a surge again in cases they found it necessary to start closing or restricting business from being open.


So, traveling to different states it was interesting to see how they are handling this pandemic.  I think the best practice is to do what you feel works best for you and your family.  I know I am adhering to wearing a mask, washing my hands and using hand sanitizer when washing my hands is not an option.    


Stay safe!!