A Blue Christmas

With such a difference in the school year this holiday spirit is different from past years.


Owen Etter

Winter break might not be as exciting as it once was, but that doesn’t mean we need to throw away all excitement and cheer. All we really need to do is adjust our ornaments and think about what matters most this holiday season: family and friends who are with you no matter how down things seem.

Megan Apodaca, Staff writer

One thing that has been lost this year is the holiday spirit that can be found all throughout the school. Between our spirit weeks, fun class activities and the excitement of break around the corner. Everyone in class could be found counting down the days until break arrives. It’s the time of year where everyone takes time off of school to celebrate with their friends and family the holidays that’s coming up or the end of a successful semester. It’s when we decorate our advisory’s door and just have fun and enjoy life. However, this year’s spirit within the school has been lost and for many it makes things even gloomier than what already was.

This year will definitely be different as we are not all in school as a whole anymore so we lose our complete spirit weeks and that fun holiday joy that we all love and get to experience as we near our breaks. This year there will be no celebrating with spirit weeks, no decorating classroom doors, or laughing with our friends and classes, there will be no funny stories no nothing. Instead of all of that we’ve spent the last few weeks talking about COVID and the effects of that. It’s been a constant debate between what schools will look like and if we are going to still be in the school or online after thanksgiving break. Talk about a mood breaker.

 It honestly feels like there’s not much time to be celebrating any sort of break or holiday. Especially for the seniors, this is their last year and their last time to have those fun spirit weeks and door decorating contests. Everyone is super stressed about meeting deadlines, keeping up their GPA and applying to colleges. For seniors this year feels like a complete disaster where everything keeps getting worse and worse with no joy whatsoever.

This year we don’t get to have to have those holiday parties that some teachers will do and sometimes even fun things to do. No instead we get to sit and listen to nothing exciting happen as we sit in class and do our work like normal. This year students don’t get to hear their cousins, siblings and family going crazy in the other rooms of our house, they don’t get to have an do ugly sweater contest, be hangry all day to save room for the food being served later, they can’t have the secret Santa exchanges, or just that amazing holiday joy that we all enjoy and are all looking forward too. 

These breaks are going to be completely different from what we’re used to. We may be losing all of our fun spirit weeks, and holiday spirit contests and just the holiday spirit in general. One thing that can be said though is that although we’re losing so much it doesn’t mean that we can’t gain more. Spend your breaks with your family, spend them catching up and making those deadlines that are needed. If you use your time wisely you’ll reduce your stress and everything will be ok. It’s time for that holiday spirit that we all have hidden inside of us. Even if we’re not in school celebrating and even though all the holiday spirit seems to have disappeared it’s still there and we can still make the best out of a crappy and different holiday season.