Let’s Get Rowdy! (Without the Crowd)

The 2020 football season at FHS will be played without student spectators


Chandler Hoel, Social Media Editor

       It’s true warriors, the football season is back! Although this is exciting news, it begs the question: what will the student section look like, if they even allow them? In high school, there are few things that students find enjoyable, standing in the rowdy crowd is one of the main ones. Unfortunately, it’s not up to us. While talking with our athletic director Ty Gordon, he made it clear that the amount of fans is up to the county. Since the outbreak in CU Boulder, Boulder county has been extra cautious about schools, so Frederick High was given a very strict limit on fans. 

     Most students who participated in previous years have their concerns for these new rules, but none are feeling the effects as much as the players. Having a whole community cheering you on is something the players look forward to. Senior Chris Espindola has expressed his concern the Monday before the first game, “it definitely sucks not having that support, the (student) section really amplifies the effect of the game.” Although this puts a major dent in the games, the boys are still excited. “I’m just looking forward to even getting to play”, Chris said. Many students feel the same way as Chris, the games will just not be the same without hundreds of screaming kids chanting the fight song and mocking the other team. 

     Gordon described the new rules in an email sent out this week, “the Boulder County Health Department will only allow SVVSD 175 total spectators into the stadium.” These tickets will strictly be reserved for the families of the participants, including football players, cheerleaders and the dance team. Some parents will have to watch their athletes play on a live stream of the game. Gordon broke down the tickets and how they will be distributed: 50 tickets for the parents of visiting teams, 80 for FHS football parents, 28 for cheerleading team parents, 7 tickets for dance parents and 10 for game personnel. 

     Senior students have already devised plans to combat this new rule, planning on meeting behind the stadium and staying in cars in order to watch the games. Masks will be required and students will be encouraged to social distance. The rowdy crowd Instagram page has posted the theme and plan of action. Gordon warns that, “if a member from the Boulder County Health Department comes to the school and we are over capacity, they have the authority to shut down the event.” Although this is possible, senior students are willing to stay outside the stadium and accept consequences if they come about. The sort-of ring master for this event is Kenna Tarnowski who has been working with Mr. Young to make this happen. “[it’s] sort of a ‘tailgate’ rowdy crowd and we would all back our cars in and get lawn chairs so we can still cheer and watch the game.” 

     Students came into the school year eager for everything a normal high school year would give, but instead we must deal with the changes that COVID-19 has put in place. Although being in the rowdy crowd is something students get excited about, it’s something we’ll have to mostly let go of as the year goes on. “In the event that we are granted more spectators, we plan on getting FHS students more involved” says Gordon. Stay strong warriors, we’ll be back in the stands (hopefully) soon.