Don’t Let COVID Be a Party Pooper

Don’t let COVID-19 ruin your sweet 16!


Owen Etter

Birthday’s are a special time of year that is all about you. But COVID has put a cramp in lots of people’s birthday plans. Here are some tips to not let the pandemic ruin your party.

Owen Etter, Staff Writer

Birth A birthday should always be one of those days that you won’t ever forget but given the circumstances of the world, your birthday may seem like it’s going to be nothing more than you sitting at home with family. But this isn’t just an average day, it’s YOUR special day and you should make the best of it. While some of the best birthday activities may be halted, there are certainly other ways to have fun. You’re already going to remember the pandemic for years to come, so why not have a birthday celebration that you’ll remember for just as long?

  • For your birthday, above all else, you should be spending it with your loved ones. Having your family around might not be as exciting as having your friends around, but at least it’s better than being alone on your birthday. You and your family could go out with your masks and hand sanitizer to do activities like going to a nice dinner or having them take you to a location that’s special to you.
  • Speaking of which, having dinner out can always be a treat no matter what. So, why not ask your parents to take you out to one of your most favorite restaurants to eat at? Lines should be shorter than usual but you might want to get a reservation if you’re going some place really fancy.
  • Video games have also had a major impact on entertainment during quarantine and are a lot more fun than you’d think. All it takes these days to have a night full of laughter and endless hours of entertainment is a simple Discord call or FaceTime with your friends. Combine that with games such as Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Among Us, or the many kinds of JackBox games and you’re set.
  • But what if you actually want to be more alone than social on your birthday? You could always relax by cozying up into a blanket, grabbing some popcorn, a cold soda, and maybe some candy and watching one of your favorite movies at home. Your birthday is supposed to be HAPPY, so you should watch a comedy like Young Frankenstein, Some Like It Hot, Duck Soup, or Mrs. Doubtfire.
  • Another underrated activity that’s really fun to do alone on your birthday is listening to music. But not just laying in your bed and looking up at the ceiling (I mean, you could do that, but that’s boring.) Taking a drive while blasting your favorite songs can be incredibly relaxing. Especially if you’re alone, you don’t have anyone to criticize you on how good or bad your singing is.
  • Do you just want to have blatant relaxation for your birthday and get away from that annoying brother and your parents that are constantly harping on you? Well, on your birthday especially you deserve some relaxing alone time with a nice hot bath with plenty of bubbles, maybe some candles, and also some music playing softly in the background. 
  • Now what if you just want to get together with two or three friends? A great solution is going to get a manicure and pedicure together. Trust me, it’s not JUST for women, it’s really nice to go treat yourself to getting your hands and feet refreshed while social distancing inside of the complex with your friends.  
  • One final entertaining activity to do for your birthday especially is have a date night with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Time spent with anyone on your birthday can make it one hundred times better, so even a simple walk with a date can really make anyone feel good. Just make sure you both wash your hands before and after holding hands.