How to Support Local Restaurants During COVID-19


Sarah Hayes

As seen here, Georgia Boys like many other businesses, are doing what they can during the pandemic. When you go to one of these local businesses, make sure you respect their rules as an outbreak among staff could be detrimental.

Lena Siscoe, Staff Writer

During this time of COVID-19 restaurants in the Frederick area are struggling to get their establishments earning income, due to quarantines and certain protocols put in place for businesses and what is allowed during this unprecedented time. It’s important that we are supporting our local restaurants to keep them in business and keep them safe at the same time. You can support businesses in the local area by volunteering, ordering takeout, buying gift cards, or posting about the restaurant on social media.

Volunteering for restaurants is beneficial because they don’t have to pay you but you’re doing a good deed by helping them do business. Restaurants may need you to deliver meals, or help sort food for distribution to customers. Alania Lancaster from Workforce says that “However, creating an authentic culture of volunteerism all year can also ease some labor pains.” I think that this is good for businesses because they don’t have to pay for work to get done. Income isn’t really as strong as it probably would be normally, so it helps balance out keeping the business running but also having the helping hands to do it.

Ordering takeout from restaurants is good because you’re helping the restaurant in an online environment. Restaurants are doing contactless delivery services and curbside pick up. Rachel Linder from Eat This, Not That says, “As consumers and fans of their product, or simply as good Samaritans, we can find ways to rally together and help them afloat.”

Keeping businesses afloat during this time is hard but putting money into restaurants supporting businesses is the best thing we can do. Buying gift cards from restaurants can also help their business because you can give gift cards to friends, or family and then they can go buy food from the restaurant. McKenzie Patel from SPOON says that gift cards minimize contact while also providing steady cash flow to mom and pop places. From big franchise restaurants, too small owned restaurants gift cards can help whether you use them during the pandemic or after.

Posting about restaurants on social media can benefit restaurants because you’re promoting them and letting other people see what they’re all about. You could go and post store hours if they’re doing delivery or curbside pick up and you can simply just say how good the food is and tell others to go try it. Jenn Chen says on her blog the Sprout, “Promotional post doesn’t need to be blatant marketing. Incorporate action shots or product placement in a way that’s visually attractive.

Supporting restaurants during COVID-19 is important to our economy and to business owners. Restaurants locally are trying to stay safe by promoting state protocols that have been put in place. During this quarantine try and support by volunteering, ordering takeout, buying gift cards, or posting on social media.