Mental Stability is Overrated

Unhinged is a fun film that revels in psychopathic terror


Produced by Solstice Studios

While this film does have some minor issues in terms of sound and characters, the overall story and action are a really big eye opener.

Sarah Hayes, Staff Writer

Unhinged (2020, directed by Derrick Borte) is a thrilling movie about a woman who is being terrorized by a mentally unstable man after a road rage incident.

This movie is not recommended for people under the age of 17, it has an R rating for a reason. This movie would also not be recommended for people who do not like gore or violence. This movie would be good to watch for anyone who drives daily because it shows something that although it is in a movie, it could potentially happen in real life because mentally unstable people like the man in the movie do exist in real life. Road rage is a serious issue in today’s society and people do die from incidents involving road rage.

This movie is about road rage. After recently divorced Rachel Hunter (Played by Caren Pistorius) confronts a stranger, Tom Cooper (Played by Russell Crowe), at an intersection, the man then proceeds to harass and terrorize Rachel throughout the rest of the day. 

Although the acting in this movie is great, there are some scenes that could have been portrayed better, as well as some characters that could have had more scenes. For example, Rachel’s brother, Fred (Austin P. McKenzie) had a small, five-minute scene at the start of the movie, but it is shown that Rachel and her son, Kyle (Gabriel Bateman) deeply care for Fred. But other than Rachel letting Fred live in her house with his girlfriend, there’s not much else known about Fred.

Another character in this movie would be Fred’s girlfriend, Mary (Juliene Joyner), who barely speaks and has less screen time than Fred. Her presence doesn’t really drive the plot, other than just a few pity points for Fred. A side character that is rarely seen but helps drive the plot a little bit is Rachel’s client, who fired Rachel last minute because Rachel was late. But other than that, the client doesn’t have much else to do with the movie.

Some scenes where there was fighting could have been portrayed a bit better as well, with a bit more logic used during those scenes. There are times in a fight scene where someone would get hit in a way that there should be obvious bruising that is visible to the audience, but the actor’s skin is pretty much flawless.

But other than SFX errors and some characters that may have needed some more screen time, this movie was pretty good. It’s a  good eye-opener to people who drive, because the driver in the car next to you is a stranger, and if something happens you don’t know how they’re going to react in that situation.