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The Student News Site of Frederick High School

Frederick Lantern

The Student News Site of Frederick High School

Frederick Lantern

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ALEX JAREGUI: Captain Both On and Off the Pitch

Senior soccer star has made his mark on the boys soccer team here at Frederick
Danny Watts
Alex has always made sure that his teammates were taken care of and doing their best. For the last two years he has been able to model and showcase his skills to his teammates and fellow student athletes. (Alex Jaregui)

If youy have ever been to any boys soccer games or even seen him in person Alejandro Jaregui has proved himself both on and off the field. Alejandro mostly goes by Alex, he is someone you can count on, someone you can respect and depend on. He has a fiery spirit and is always competitive whether it’s on or off the soccer pitch, especially on the soccer field he shows and inspires all the younger guys. He is someone who seeks to improve in every aspect of life, whether it’s in school, soccer or just as a person. 

Outside of school and soccer, Alex likes to spend time with his friends, and get some valuable time with himself. He enjoys riding horses in his free time while looking out into the sunset. Alex mentioned how he enjoys nature a lot, he says it brings him tranquility.

Alex is an immigrant from Mexico he was brought to colorado by his parents to have a better life and opportunity. He has been playing soccer ever since he was a little kid. His strong passion and drive fro the sport started in Mexico. He said, “I remember playing with the kids outside of my house in Mexico, since I was out of school till it was really dark and we couldn’t see the ball anymore”. Alex fell in love with the game of soccer because he brought him joy and happiness, he enjoys having the ball at his feet every chance that he gets. 

Alex enjoys riding horses and making valuable time for himself outside of school and soccer. (Alex Jaregui)

Alex’s favorite position is playing Central Defender/Back, currently his position right now. He loves taking the ball away from his opponents, taking on 1v1s, and seeing the field from the back and commanding his teammates like a true captain. He defends his goal with all his heart and his favorite part of this position are the slide tackles, especially winning the clean tackles. He looks up to Great Centre Backs and legends like Sergio Ramos and Rafa Marquez. But his favorite player is Cristiano Ronaldo. “Cristiano Ronaldo is my idol, he’s the person I enjoy watching the most, watching him play always gives me the goosebumps, He’s definitely my favorite player”.

Alex making a clean Brexit slide tackle against Longmont Trojans. ( Tone Images )

“My High School career was amazing, I was a Freshman when Frederick made their first soccer playoff appearance, It was an unforgettable experience.” Alex has played all 4 years of high school with Frederick. He recently finished his last year of his high school soccer career. Alex was the team’s captain for 2 consecutive years, his junior year and senior year. This was something that Alex was really proud of. He loved being a leader out there because It was a different challenge, It brought the best out of him and he loved to inspire the younger guys. Being a captain really improved his work ethic and leadership skills.

Class of 2024 Seniors! Alex with his teammates. (Alex Jaregui)

After high school, Alex plans on going to college and playing soccer at a higher level. Alex has really enjoyed every moment of high school and wants to continue making it the best experience with the small time left he has as a senior. He believes going to class, and asking the necessary questions, and getting your assignments are the key to success in high school while playing a sport. Being able to balance all these things is what has made alex such a great role model for other student athletes. 

Alex is a role model for the younger class, he wants to be a good influence to them. But just before he graduates and passes on the torch to the younger guys, he wants to make the best memories whether it’s with his teammates, teachers, and friends, whether it’s on and off the pitch.  As long as there is a story to tell in the future, he will be happy. 

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