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What to know about eligibility at FHS

Student athletes need to find their balance between school and sports to met the eligibility requirements
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Being eligible is so important when a student athlete is in season for their sport. Having rules through CHSAA sand following them here at FHS is really important.

Being a student-athlete can be hard but it is very important to keep yourself eligible in order to be a student-athlete and participate in extracurricular activities in school. Here at Frederick High School (FHS) it is a SVVSD policy that all student-athletes must be enrolled in a minimum of six classes in order to participate in extracurricular activities after school. But, with CHSAA bylaws, students must only be enrolled in at least 2.5 Carnegie units (5 classes) and cannot be fashioning more than 0.5 Carnegie units (not failing more than one class) in order to maintain academic eligibility for extracurricular activities.

Starting on the third full week of each semester, eligibility is pulled on Thursday afternoon for the following week. This means that on the third full week of each semester the Athletic-Director (AD) will start to pull every athlete’s grades on Thursday afternoon at 12:00 PM to see if they are eligible to play for the following week. If grades are pulled and a student is failing more than one class on Thursday, that student is ineligible for the following week, Monday through Saturday. Students, coaches or parents MAY NOT go to a teacher to ask for more time for the student to become eligible. The only changes that the AD will accept will be if a teacher sends an e-mail stating that the grade posted on Thursday was wrong and that the posted failing grade should have been a passing grade.

Semester wise, if a student failed two or more classes at the end of the semester they will be academically ineligible for CHSSA events until the end of the next semester. However, there are two possible ways to regain eligibility. If the student is eligible (not failing more than one class) at about 6 weeks into the new semester (eligibility regain date) will regain academic eligibility at that time. If a student fails more than one class at the end of the spring semester they can regain eligibility by going to summer school and gaining that credit back making them eligible for the next fall semester. Students must also obey the Code of Conduct or else will be suspended or kicked out of extracurricular activities. Before every athlete is allowed to participate in sports at FHS the athlete and his/her parents must sign the SVVSD’s Code of Conduct which regards behavior and character that FHS has for their student-athletes.

There are three violations that an athlete could get if they disrupt the Code of Conduct. The first violation is that the student will miss 30% of their sport season. The second violation that an athlete could face is missing 60% of their sport season. Finally, the third violation is the athlete will be suspended from all athletics for a period of one calendar year. With this, at Frederick High School (FHS) we take eligibility very seriously with our student athletes and want them to represent the school as a whole in a good way by being a student first then an athlete. 

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Reno DiGesualdo
Reno DiGesualdo, Staff Writer
Reno is a sophomore at Frederick High School who is excited to join the journalism staff. He is apart of the Frederick Varsity Football team and enjoys other sports to like track and wrestling. He likes to listen to music ranging from country to rap.

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