Fast Fashion is Burning a Hole in the Environment

Sustainable Fashion is the new alternative to Fast Fashion and its saving the planet

Sustainable Fashion may be more expensive, but the cost is well worth it for the planet we stand on.


Sustainable Fashion may be more expensive, but the cost is well worth it for the planet we stand on.

Avery Marr, Staff Writer

Sustainable Fashion is taking the fashion industry by storm. This newly introduced industry is changing the ways of fashion for the better. Sustainable Fashion, otherwise known as “Slow Fashion”, is manufactured to benefit the environment and elongate clothing’s life span. Consciousness is becoming the new norm and the planet is loving it.

As mentioned before, Sustainable Fashion is clothing that has been manufactured to be more environmentally friendly. The idea is to decrease the damaging effects that mass clothing production has on the environment. Therefore, these items are made from natural resources and renewable energy. The manufacturers keep in mind the longevity of these items and how eco-friendly they can be. You may be wondering, what makes these clothing items ethical and sustainable? The answer: Eco-Friendly Fibers. The fibers to look for are Linen, Hemp, Bamboo, Lyocell, and Alpaca. These clothing items also have environmentally friendly dye or none at all. They contain fewer chemicals than any other industry. Lastly, ethical working standards. Clothing is made in an ethical workplace where hours are limited and the workplace is safe. Unlike, “Fast Fashion,” workers are not put through draining hours of work. Nor are they exposed to harmful chemicals and dyes.

In recent years, thrifting has become extremely popular for teens and millennials. Thrifting is a great alternative for shopping and allows the consumer to buy sustainable products whilst saving money. Thrifting clothes create a longer life span, as they were used by one person then passed to another. It decreases the amount of waste by recycling the product. Sustainable Fashion also means the quality of clothing is maximized and made with the intention of perseverance. Consequently, more and more stores are turning to sustainable and eco-friendly products. Many stores have turned to the idea of making clothing out of recycled items. Which helps the planet stay healthy in the long run. There are so many brands that are eco-friendly, such as Pact, Reformation, Everlane, Boden, and ABLE.

The evil alternative to Sustainable Fashion is Fast Fashion. The fashion industry thrives off of Fast Fashion and the majority of stores use unsustainable techniques which not only affect the people working for them but the planet too. Fast Fashion is based on trends, rapid production, and low-quality materials. Therefore, clothing items are created from low-quality materials and priced extremely low, which opens the appeal, but is it really worth the quick penny? Many teens turn to this type of shopping because of its affordability.

However, it’s destroying our planet.

Given that the fashion industry has 52 micro-seasons, this means there is one new collection per week. 11 million tons of clothing are thrown out in the United States. All of these clothing pieces are doused in harmful chemicals, compacted with lead, and contain dangerous pesticides. These clothing items never fully break down and when they do the items release harmful chemicals into the air. The Fashion Industry leaves behind an enormous Carbon Footprint that is deadly. Stores that use these techniques are Forever 21, UNIQLO, GAP, Boohoo, Zaful, and Fashion Nova.

Overall, Sustainable Fashion is the way to go. It’s an ethical and eco-friendly alternative to Fast Fashion. Next time when you stop for a quick shopping trip, pay attention to the brands you are buying from.