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Mrs. Kenzie Kerr

Visual Arts

Mrs. Kenzie Kerr is the new full-time isual arts teacher this FHS year. She has been teaching for eight years and went to college at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. Mrs. Kerr says her favorite subject she has taught so far is independent art because, “Every student was motivated to perfect their style in their medium of choice and it was so fun to see them develop their own unique style!” 

    Mrs. Kerr states that one thing you need to know about her is that “I live for connection. I want to know who they are and what they enjoy outside of just the classroom. I know that no matter what they enjoy, we can find something that connects us!” There are many reasons teachers go into teaching but she says, “I went into teaching because of “the click” as I call it. The moment that a concept clicks for a student and you can see that they understand it and are connecting with the content!” 

    We asked Mrs. Kerr how her experience at FHS has been so far and she exclaims that, “FHS already feels like home. It reminds me so much of my hometown, but with its own unique flair.” 


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