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Quinn McNeill is a leader and a role model. He has so many goals that he has already surpassed and has many more to go.

QUINN MCNEILL: Exceeding Everyone’s Expectations

High School is to be said to be the most fun time of your life when you’re involved and living in the moment—and that’s all that Quinn McNeill has aspired to do and he’s accomplished it for sure. You may know Quinn from many different groups that he’s involved in at FHS. “I’m currently NHS president in student council, tennis, track principal advisory council, and link crew.” Quinn also runs the very followed rowdy crowd account on Instagram along with senior Kinley Lindhardt. As you can tell he keeps himself busy and included with the Frederick community. Often when people graduate they say they regret not being involved and included that’s something that Quinn won’t have to say. 

Would you say that you see yourself as a leader? 

“Yes, I feel like I am a big leader in the school and Frederick community.”

Quinn plays tennis, he’s running track, and he was in choir as well. What doesn’t he do? After asking him if he had any plans after graduation he said “I’m planning on going to college for business administration leadership, I’m not exactly sure where I’m going yet.” This is a big decision and I’m sure wherever his journey takes him after graduation he will further succeed.

High school experiences are things that you will cherish forever and Quinn certainly has had many experiences. Quinn is one of the many rare students who have all three varsity letters academic, athletic, and fine arts. “I lettered in tennis my freshman year, managing girls tennis freshman and sophomore year. Track my junior year. Academics my freshman year, and choir my freshman and sophomore year.” It’s not every day that you see someone with all three varsity letters.

How have sports impacted you throughout high school? 

“They have kept me accountable for myself and my school work and made me push myself.” With sports comes a huge responsibility like Quinn says it keeps him accountable for his school work. That led me to ask, what pushes you to keep your grades up? “Ever since my freshman year, I’ve been keeping my grades up because I don’t want to make my parents have to pay for education. I want my college to be paid for because I worked hard for four years to get there.”

How are you able to balance school, sports, etc? 

“I balance school, sports, clubs, work, and social life daily, but I’m honestly not sure how I do it all without crumbling. But being busy is who I am I couldn’t see myself any other way.”

But even though Quinn has so much on his hands he makes sure that he still makes time to do things that he loves. Quinn said that he likes cooking and is a chef at Martini’s Bistro in Longmont. He also enjoys running. All of the things Quinn has accomplished he must have had so one who’s inspired him so I asked him who’s his biggest inspiration and he said, “I’ve always been inspired by Gordon Ramsey. He started something from quite literally nothing and has created an empire for himself.”

As Quinn’s high school journey comes to an end he’s just trying to have the best time and have the most fun possible as he can.

What’s something you’re most proud of in your four years that you’ve accomplished? 

“I’m proud that I know I’ll have left FHS and left my mark on the school.”

What’s one thing that you’ll miss the most about high school? 

“I’m going to miss my friends for sure because we are going to different states and we are so close it will be hard to do.”

Quinn likes to have fun and is living his life to the fullest. Quinn made the most out of his high school experiences and made sure that he used his time to the fullest. He is definitely a friendly, and a well-known face. He’s a leader and a role model. Quinn extended the high school expectations and I’m sure he will do that on his journey after high school. 

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