Coming Undone (May 2018)

December 27, 2020

Our second issue of the Frederick Dreamcatcher was the first to feature poetry, nonfiction stories, and art from students on interior pages. Among these works is a story about fear at the edge of a cliff, a tale of a woman liberating herself from a bad relationship, a story of a young girl mourning the loss of her first love, and a much different take on Cinderella.

This collection of stories and poetry includes:

  • The Good Betrayal, a personal essay by Kayla Lorimer, Class of 2021*
  • The Trade I Made, villanelle poetry by Morgan Siders, Class of 2019
  • Trapped, bop poetry by Chandler Hoel, Class of 2021*
  • Dear Luke Davis, a personal essay by Nathan Hernandez, Class of 2019
  • Under the Influence, ode poetry by Aurora Rangel, Class of 2021*
  • I Was Born Hurt, found poetry by Kayla Lorimer, Class of 2021*
  • Revenge is a Black Pudding,  poetry by Simon Garcia, Class of 2018
  • Heart. Break., monologue by Aron Navarrete-Jimenez, Class of 2020*
  • The Hate of Man, bop poetry by Christopher Cinocco, Class of 2021
  • Under the Surface, monologue by Abby Awad, Class of 2021*
  • Her Eyes, free verse poetry by Mikyla Massey, Class of 2019*
  • Furious Mind of Mine, bop poetry by Kenna Tarnowski, Class of 2021*
  • What We’re Told, a personal essay by Lydia Palmer, Class of 2019
  • You Can Hold the Door for Me, free verse poetry by Michele Blanken, librarian
  • All My Life, fiction by Eleanor Payne, Class of 2021
  • Anew, free verse poetry by Sydney Christian, Class of 2020
  • Three Points, fiction by Samantha Scarberry, Class of 2021*
  • he feels, free verse poetry by Ella Berrend, Class of 2020*
  • Mountains, free verse poetry by Jill Ripa, theatre teacher
  • Silent Love, fiction by Athena Chagolla, Class of 2021
  • A Single Rose, villanelle poetry by Chandler Smith, Class of 2021
  • Sixteen, flash fiction by Aurora Rangel, Class of 2021*
  • Deep Pockets, villanelle poetry by Eric Mabbitt, Class of 2021
  • Listen to the Right Voice, a personal essay by Eleanor Payne, Class of 2021
  • To Argue a Losing Battle, golden shovel poetry by Ethan Ahlstrom, Class of 2021
  • The Things You Say, sweet verse poetry by Samantha Scarberry, Class of 2021*
  • The Plunge, personal essay by Mikyla Massey, Class of 2019*
  • Fairy Tale Romance, monologue by Madeline Kovanda, Class of 2021
  • Cindy’s Predicament, fiction by Jaxon Kjorvestad, Class of 2018
  • Luke Burns, free verse poetry by Isaac Palmer, Class of 2019
  • A Ond Arewell to the F, sweet verse poetry by Dennis Soukup, math teacher
  • My Sister’s Keeper, flash fiction by Abigail Awad, Class of 2021*
  • Past Despair, free verse poetry by Elisabeth Kulesus, Class of 2019*


*indicates Quill and Scroll member

Click here to download Volume 1, Issue 2 (May 2018)

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