Away at Sea

December 26, 2020

Even though she knew that this life was always a lie

And those days she knew there was something more she had sought.

There he lay, out in the uncaring open sea.

Where she once had seen in him the light,

She now remembers his empty grave.

If only her mind and her heart could forget.


He hummed the songs that she’ll never forget,

the soft tales he spoke of in twisted lies–

She weeps in the autumn sitting near his grave

And thinks on the home, the family, the love she once sought.

He promised to show her the light,

Which he had found far away at sea


She recounts the tale they told her of him adventuring the sea–

The way he had a desire to leave her alone there; she can’t forget

The house, the money, the family–a broken dream robbed of light.

Still, she misses those days full of lies

She would give everything to see him on the sea he sought.

She blows away the candle and lays by his grave.


The rain hits hard at night and it washes his empty grave.

His name starts to fade as his body vanishes in the sea.

He knew she had everything he had sought.

The way she said she’ll miss him, he couldn’t forget.

She knew the life and promises were all a lie

But maybe she wasn’t supposed to see a light.


People live in different ways, and this time there wasn’t going to be a light.

The candlelight fades and the smoke rises toward part of his missing name on his grave.

Grief had captured her and she felt better thinking of the lies.

She had wanted to go with him into the daring sea.

The way the sailors told her of the waves crashing and how they’ll never forget

How he wanted to sail away to a dream in which he had sought.


He held a lie and a secret that she had sought.

Fighting to get away from her, he saw a light.

The lightning had struck and he couldn’t forget

His secrets and lies had followed him to the grave.

She cries for her life spent in misery; fearing the open sea.

But would she have changed, if from the beginning she knew it was all a lie?


Her life and the promises she had sought, now finish in a lie.

She becomes haunted by a light and watches the sea.

One day the reasons she will forget, and she will leave the empty grave.

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