Thirty Seconds

How would you spend your last life when the clock is ticking?

December 26, 2020

Beads of sweat ran down Ryan’s face. He glanced at the timer… thirty seconds.

Maybe my last thirty seconds to live, he thought.

There’s a stone by the wall. Groping in the darkness, he picks it up slams it against the chains.

Twenty seconds.

He hits it again and again, hands moving swiftly now.

Ten seconds left.

He finally breaks one chain. Just one more.


Can’t get it.


Gotta break free.


Time’s almost up.


The chain breaks and the bridge lowers.


There’s only one thought now: run!

The clock hits zero and the flames engulf the screen just as Ryan’s avatar passes the finish line.

Ryan drops the controller. “Yes! I finally passed the level!”

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