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Tanner is best known for his smile and how fun he can be no matter what. He’s always ready for whats to come and has made so many life achievements and many more to come.

TANNER ATENCIO: Having Fun and Getting Things Done

Tanner Atencio is living proof that hard work and makes anything possible

Tanner Atencio is well-known for putting 110% into everything he does. Whether it’s sports, 4H, or even his biggest battle, fighting cancer. Tanner has always worked his absolute hardest to achieve his goals and anything he sets his mind to. He sets his goals and immediately tries to achieve them no matter what they are or how hard they seem to be. Tanner makes sure he wastes no time from getting to where he wants to be and having fun when he can.

Tanner spent his freshman and sophomore years trying his hardest to stay healthy battling cancer but he never gave up on any of his passions or school. Cancer became a very big part of Tanner’s life, but he managed to stay strong and beat it. Tanner maintained a good GPA throughout his high school and since freshman year it has been a huge goal of his.

When Tanner was balancing school and wrestling, Tanner’s doctor, unfortunately, made it very clear that his wrestling career had to come to an end in order to maintain his health. This was something that Tanner never wanted to hear and was devastated but knew he had to keep pushing for his dreams.

If Tanner isn’t in English class or CDC during the week you can find him working at Jagged Motor Sports where he spends time renovating trucks. He quotes, “I like making them sound loud and go fast.” Aside from school and work, Tanner dedicates most of his time either hunting, renovating his trucks, racing his truck, and if he’s not doing that he’s showing his livestock at county fairs.

Tanner has been showing his cows and pigs in the county fairs for the last four years, winning grand champion twice. As well as competing in the national stock show winning fifth place for his steer. With all this overwhelming victory it has become a passion that Tanner loves more and more every time he competes.

Tanner’s motive after high school is to become successful in doing the things he thoroughly enjoys. “Making money is my main motive after high school.” After graduation Tanner plans on either taking on trade school or considering college. He quotes, “I haven’t really figured it all out yet.”

Tanner is also known to be a very loyal and authentic person to his friends and family. He is well known for his sarcastic humor and stubborn persona. His peers, friends, and family know Tanner for his dedication, hard work, perseverance, and humor. He’s always down to have fun and a good time no matter where he seems to be. Tanner’s best friend quotes, “I trust him with anything. He’s a funny guy too.”

Tanner is an inspiration to a lot of people from other cancer survivors, his classmates, adults etc and that is something that he should hold with pride. He has been able to balance his student life with his work life and makes it look easy. But that’s what happens when you set goals and work hard to achieve them. No matter how Tanner decides to take on his next chapter after high school, there is no doubt that he’ll strive and give it his best.


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