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Abby Hazlet is a hardworking and kind hearted senior who is always down to have a fun time.

ABBY HAZLET: Smile For The Cameras

Abby Hazlet is a senior at Frederick High School. Abby has talent, is full of joy, and is always down to have fun all the time. She’s somebody who you’re able to laugh with constantly, is kind-hearted, and is extremely hardworking/focused on what she wants. Abby is a beginning photographer and tries to practice her skills when she has the free time to take some photos. Everybody has to start somewhere and Abby found her interest in photography at a younger age.

“I have always loved photography, I used to take action shots of my brother playing baseball as a kid and then I developed into taking pictures of friends and family; then nature.”

Abby takes pictures for seniors, friends, family, etc. With balancing school, taking photos, friends, and family Abby seems to make time to always have fun and let loose. When doing something you love you need to have a good look at what you’re doing and make sure you have an angle. For Abby, she finds that angle in photography. 

“I really love the creative aspect of photography, being able to capture moments as I see them is interesting to me.” Abby stated before continuing to say: 

“I love being able to tell a story through pictures. you have the power to show off what aspects you want people to see.” 

Abby’s photography Instagram page is really something to look at. Their page consists of endless pictures that are beautiful, creative, and natural. However, taking photos from both sides of the camera isn’t the easiest thing to do, but she doesn’t let that stop her as she seems to make the poses natural and perfect. 

“When I’m taking pictures of my friends or multiple people I always say pretend I’m not here and go with the flow. For the girls, I say find your inner model so that you are embracing yourself and you don’t look awkward.”

With endless talent, and with Abby being a senior it is huge for her to be making the decisions of what to do in the future like college, or even after college. When doing something you love you must make the right decision for yourself and plan everything out. Abby however, seems to have no problem with this at all. 

“I want to go to cosmetology school with a main focus of hairstyling, I want photography to be my side job. The goal is to get an internship over the summer or after school.” 

After asking Abby if she sees herself becoming a professional photographer possibly in the future she said: 

“Possibly, definitely won’t always be my only focus.” 

Although she might not always be taking photos the time that she does take to take them and edit them is well spent to perfection. Finding someone to take photos for you can be hard, especially finding a good one. So, if you’re interested in taking photos with a really kind-hearted and concentrated photographer and you’re near Frederick, Colorado Abby might just be the perfect fit for you. 

One things for sure though, We’re really happy to hear Abby’s story and be able to hear how she’s come extremely far from when she first got into photography. It was really cool to get to hear her story and her plan for after high school as well. It’s even cooler to hear that it doesn’t sound like she’s giving up photography any time soon either. Keep up the amazing work Abby! 

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